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When hearing the term “shack”, most people’s first thought will be some dilapidated dwelling that is both small and rather unappealing but, let us tell you, you’ll no longer have those connotations when you lay eyes on an extraordinary architectural design project by the name of Mishack that is looking like being a much more affordable means of getting an architect designed home.

Billed as ‘Design with Soul’, Mishack is an Australian architectural firm that is simplifying and demystifying the delivery of design-led architecture. This is something that they are achieving through the use of an innovative solution of smart modular zones to provide eye-catching mid-century and modernist inspired homes. For anyone seeking a stylish, spacious property with exceptional features aplenty, a Mishack Home might just be the perfect solution for you.

Lofty Ambitions

The overriding objective of Mishack is to deliver people with a much more straightforward access to architect designed homes without the stellar costs often associated with it. Mishack offer a cost conscious design system that provides understated, yet elegant design solutions which are aimed at those looking for a mid-market property. The spectacular design features to be found in these expertly conceived homes is mighty impressive indeed and you’ll never look at a “shack” in the same way again.

Clever design abounds with a Mishack Home and the modular nature of the construction opens it up to so many more possibilities than a conventional home design – with each one capable of growing and adapting with you. A Mishack has any number of zone and layout combinations that are feasible and they can flip, slide, glide, float, expand and rotate to suit your specific space requirement.

Taking the design inspiration for Mishack from iconic mid-century architecture, there is a real Mad Men vibe to the aesthetics of these gloriously appointed structures and for those looking for a property with some great retro visuals, a Mishack Home is just the thing for you. Despite the Australian base of this design studio, it is possible to get your own Mishack design worldwide so, if you’ve like what you’ve seen, you’re in luck because you can request a build anywhere in the world.

Cool Customisations

The real stand out feature, as far as we’re concerned here at Coolector HQ, is how you can get involved with each and every element of the design with a Mishack Home and this level of customisation opportunity means that you can get the home that you dreamed of in the beginning. You plan the layout, interiors and all the little design flourishes that you want until you are happy with the look and feel of the finished product.

For those of you who are wanting to ramp up their property endeavours in 2017 and seeking out a whole new way of getting the home you want, Mishack are an architecture studio that should be well and truly on your radar. We’ve been left thoroughly impressed with the unparalleled aesthetics of their properties and the sheer versatility and functionality of their designs is second to none.

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