MOFT Float Stand

Making your workspace more portable and versatile is something that we’re all on board with here at Coolector HQ and the MOFT Float Stand on Kickstarter helps deliver this in style. It is a slim stand and case that delivers an adjustable height and unlimited angles for holding your tech. It will take your iPad Pro to next-level height and performance in a highly functional manner.

The MOFT Float Stand on Kickstarter is available for an incredibly wallet friendly price-tag of just $39 during the campaign and this is a small price to pay for such a versatile and cleverly designed tech accessory. Billed as the only “floating” case for the iPad Pro, this excellent bit of kit from MOFT boasts an innovative and patented double-hinge structure, which can elevate the screen to a suitable height with a comfortable viewing angle no matter where you are.

Stand To Deliver

Designed to be invisible when not in use and provide a perfect floating performance when you do use it, the MOFT Float Stand really is a cut above. It has taken Kickstarter by storm and comes with a built-in stand. It remains consistent with the MOFT “invisible design” philosophy of providing more functions and a protective performance while keeping the same slim design profile.

The MOFT Float Stand on Kickstarter ($39) will eliminate shoulder and neck pain when using your iPad Pro and it can elevate your screen up to 3.15 inches. It takes home the crown of the tallest portable stand and case on the market, which is important because it allows you to work anywhere, anytime without the neck and shoulder pain of holding your Pro or hunching over it on your desk. 

On top of the adjustable angle and height, The MOFT Float also delivers three different modes that take your iPad Pro to the next level,  helping you to use your iPad Pro in many different and creative ways. In Floating mode you won’t ever have to bend your neck down for hours during extended Zoom meetings, browsing the internet, or watching Netflix. You can quickly adjust the base to stable mode. Now you can immerse yourself in creation while enjoying a seamlessly stable experience. It is ideally suited for any creator who wants the most from their iPad Pro.

Perfect Portability

The portability of the MOFT Float makes it a great addition to any tech fans EDC line up. So simple to set up – you just rotate the hinge to open and fold it down to close, which can be done in a matter of seconds It can be effortlessly slipped into any bag when you’re ready to hit the road again.

Priced at just $38 during the Kickstarter campaign, the MOFT Float is excellent value for money crafted from a light and solid aluminium alloy, which offers a smooth and flexible experience. Even after being open and close for over 8000 times, it’s still as strong as the first time you use it. The cleverly designed legs increase all-around stability, while the soft edge materials make it easy to install for work and uninstall to match other accessories. 

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