Mount Fuji Beer Glass

We drink an awful lot of beer here at Coolector HQ and, recently, it has come to our attention that the vessels with which we’re drinking our delicious array of craft ales are, perhaps, not quite as awesome as they could be and this is something that we are striving to put to an end. Well, our first port of call when it comes to painfully awesome beer receptacles is, unquestionably, going to be this stupidly attractive Mount Fuji Beer Glass which we can’t really put into words just how much we want one.

This spectacular beer glass is the design handiwork of Keita Suzuki and, as may well be apparent, it has taken its design inspiration from Japan’s tallest mountain, Mount Fuji. We can think of few better ways of enjoying a delightful craft ale than through a representation of one of nature’s finest wonders and there is a distinct elegance and sophistication to this beer glass that elevates it above almost all others we’ve encountered.

As Mount Fuji is seldom seen without a snowy peak, it goes without saying that this Mount Fuji Beer Glass is best suited to ales that have a frothy head to represent that white snowy peak which the mountain is famed for. Just looking at this beer glass is making us salivate at the prospect of a beer, particularly on what is a sunny day here at Coolector HQ, and if you’ve already fallen for this vessel, the couple more shots below will likely seal the deal:

fujiyama-beer-glass-top fujiyama-beer-glass

It’s not just the beer glass itself that impresses here as the case it comes in is equally as formidable. It is delivered in a Paulownia wood box that is crafted to reflect the boxes used for traditional Japanese tea cups. We love the simple but striking design of this Mount Fuji Beer Glass here at Coolector HQ and can’t wait to be supping ales from one throughout summer.

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