Mondo Fight Club Original Soundtrack

If we had to choose our favourite film here at Coolector HQ, it would be a pretty tight call but Fight Club would unquestionably be one of the chief contenders. The soundtrack of David Fincher’s iconic movie is one of the main reasons that we loved it so much so we were delighted to discover that the talented chaps over at Mondo had developed their own, special edition Fight Club Original Soundtrack on vinyl. And it looks awesome.

The Dust Brothers did an exemplary job in bringing the action to life in Fight Club and it is rightly considered as one of the finest movie soundtracks out there. Mondo, the Austin based purveyor of all sorts of pop culture excellence including prints, tees and other bits and pieces, have a love of Fight Club too and this positively shines through in their superbly conceived Special Edition Original Fight Club Sound Track.

The First Rule of Fight Club…

What really makes this great piece of Fight Club paraphernalia from Mondo is the incredibly clever and eye-catching packaging which, it’s fair to say, is a highly interactive opening experience and one that any Tyler Durden aficionado is certainly going to appreciate.


Whilst we understand that not everyone will love Fight Club as much as we do at Coolector HQ, you have to doth your cap to the design brilliance of Alan Hynes and his phenomenally well thought out packaging for this great soundtrack. It really does justice to what is an incredible piece of movie history.


The design of this Mondo Fight Club Official Soundtrack is filled with clever little design features that relate to the movie in some way and for vinyl fans after a record that isn’t just a pleasure for the ears but also for the eyes then this is surely it. The eclectic nature of the soundtrack is something that immediately stood out to us in the movie and though we’ve not seen it for a year or two now, this first class project from Mondo has got us wanting to watch it again right now.

Attention to Detail

Fight Club was a film positively packed full of clever little features that if you blinked, you’d miss them and, similarly, this great Mondo Fight Club Official Soundtrack boasts plenty of excellent visual flourishes and nods to the hit movie that it will leave any fan of the film thoroughly impressed.


More a work of art than just a soundtrack, this will definitely be the record that takes pride of place in your vinyl collection regardless of whether you’re a fan of Fight Club or not. If you are, we can think of few better presents to oneself this Christmas than this amazing nod to one of the greatest films of the last twenty years.

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