Mondo Rick & Morty Figure Set

We’re always on the hunt for awesome bits and pieces with which to fill our workspace here at Coolector HQ and this often leads us squarely to the door of Mondo and their cracking line up of collectibles. The one that has really caught our eye and firmly placed itself on our must have list for 2020 is this brilliant looking Mondo Rick & Morty Figure Set which captures the character of both wonderfully well.

Priced at $100, you don’t have to break the bank to add a touch of Rick & Morty awesomeness to your workspace (or anywhere else you want to put them). Mondo are amongst the best in the best when it comes to collectibles and this top notch Rick & Morty Figure Set is sure to resonate with fans of the bonkers but brilliant show. The artists behind these figures were Ramirez Studios, Michael Bonanno, Mara Ancheta and Jason Wires Productions and they’ve done a bang up job of capturing the essence of the show’s lead characters.

Morty Magnificence

It goes without saying that Rick & Morty is one of our favourite shows here at The Coolector so any products that celebrate how great it is are always going to be alright by us. This Mondo Rick & Morty Figure Set is one of our favourites to date and they will certainly add a visual impact and talking point to any workspace and showcase your affinity for one of the smartest shows on television.

The Mondo Rick & Morty Figure Set ($100) will  add to your wubbalubbadubdub collection and likely be the cornerstone of any series of collectibles. Each one of the figures features neck, hand, and ankle articulation, interchangeable heads and hands, accessories, and all with the smell of adventure. They are incredibly accurate in their design and the Rick figure stands approximately 11.5″ tall, and Morty stands around 8″ tall so they will certainly be a focal point wherever you choose to place them.

There are plenty of neat little extras and design touches which help these Mondo Rick & Morty Figure Sets stand out from the competition. Each set comes with 2 Rick Heads, 2 Morty Heads, 2 Rick Hands, 2 Pairs of Morty Arms, Portal Gun, Bottle of Booze, Mindblower Helmet, 4 Mindblower Tubes and 2 Figure Stands.

Intergalactic Awesomeness

This Rick & Morty Figure Set from Mondo will be ready to ship in March and we recommend getting your orders in sooner rather than later because they will likely sell out fast given the popularity of both the show and of Mondo’s line up of collectibles. Each figure is made from ABS and PVC and has a tangible sense of quality to the touch and will light up your workspace with some considerable intergalactic appeal.

For fans of Rick & Morty, $100 is a small price to pay for something that is so visually superior and in keeping with the wackiness of the show. If your workspace or shelving at home is calling out for something that bit different and eye-catching, look no further than this Mondo Rick & Morty Figure Set.

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