MoonShade Portable Awning

If you’ve got some camping trips planned for the autumn months and want to ramp up the comfort and style of your excursions then this excellent looking MoonShade Portable Awning, which is funding on Kickstarter right now, is something that should definitely be on your hit list of products to purchase. This cracking camping accessory is a durable, lightweight, packable awning that, crucially, will attach to virtually anything.

The MoonShade Portable Awning on Kickstarter is the sort of product that might not be groundbreaking but it will certainly enhance your enjoyment of any outdoor adventures that you have afoot. Like most good products, it has been created in response to a perceived lack of a product of this nature so they made one that they wanted to take on their own camping trips. The MoonShade is a packable, intuitive, and well-designed vehicle awning that fits just about any vehicle. And, maybe best of all, you can get your hands on one for just $300 during the campaign.

Cool Camping

There are some crucial differences between the MoonShade Portable Awning on Kickstarter and your run of the mill awning that you typically take on road trips. Unlike most vehicle awnings and easy-ups on the market, the strength of the MoonShade is witnessed in the design itself. They have used two high-strength aluminium 13mm-diameter poles that securely slot into pockets in each corner of the shade fabric before being secured by six clips along the arc of the poles to create a strong self-supporting structure.

The MoonShade Portable Awning ($300) fabric is made out of heavy-duty 420D ripstop polyester, which is far thicker than most tent fabric, so it’s robust and delivers maximum sun protection. The top is UV-coated for long life, while the bottom is reflective-coated to block the sun during the day and evenly reflect the light from an LED lantern at night. Lights can be easily suspended from the webbing loop at the center of the underside of the shade fabric, as well as several other webbing loops at the midpoints and corners of the fabric.

Versatility is something which is evident in abundance with the MoonShade Portable Awning as it will work with just about any vehicle, right out of the box. That means you can set up your MoonShade anywhere it’s most convenient – you’re not stuck with a permanent mounting that only allows it to be deployed in one place like most vehicle awnings. At 9 ft x 7 ft, MoonShade can be deployed on the long or short side, depending on the size of the vehicle or structure it’s anchored to.

Extremely Portable

The beauty of the MoonShade Portable Awning lies in just how easily packable and functional it is and it weighs less than 8 pounds and packs down into the included carrying bag with shoulder strap. All packed up, MoonShade is about the size of a rolled yoga mat which is extraordinary given the amount of coverage that it gives when out and about. Another fantastic feature comes from the fact that the MoonShade can easily be set up by just one person in less than five minutes.

If you anchor your MoonShade out of reach (like the roof of a tall van), you won’t have to clamber up or get out a ladder – the MoonShade can be anchored from the ground using the remote-attachment cord, allowing you to connect and disconnect your awning with ease, without your feet ever leaving the ground. Available for just $300 during the Kickstarter campaign, this represents excellent value for money and will be the first thing you reach for when heading on road trips into the wild.

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