Morrama Angle Razor

Whilst we don’t shave an abundant amount here at Coolector HQ given our own struggles in growing facial hair, the thought of owning a top quality razor is one that enters our mind regularly and we think we’ve just come across the prime candidate for the position in the shape of the Morrama Angle Razor which is funding on Kickstarter now and is vying to be the next addition to your washbag line up.

The Morrama Angle Razor is billed as a straight razor for the 21st Century courtesy of its minimalistic design and unique performance that will really wow you the first time it’s gliding across your face. This first class shaving accessory is taking Kickstarter by storm as we speak and though the tangible quality of the razor itself is unparalleled, you’ll be pleased to hear it is compatible with low-cost blades that are available worldwide.

Close Cut

The product design agency, Morrama, had the desire create an experience that truly embraced the ritual of shaving and set about crafting a product which was impeccably designed and robust enough to last through all the many shaves you’re sure to want to carry out with out. So they made the Angle Razor that is on Kickstarter now and, given that it’s flown past its funding target, it’s plain to see there is a pretty big market amongst men for a product just like this.

The Angle Razor from Morrama is a machined aluminium straight razor which can use almost any disposable razor blade so it has the sort of versatility that sets it apart from many other razors on the market. It has been painstakingly and carefully designed to be simple to control and to keep clean, and it is ergonomically excellent and will always feel perfectly balanced in the hand. This means the Angle Razor is capable of delivering an incredibly precise shave using a single blade.

Morrama choose to create specifically a straight razor because it’s great for trimming and wet shaving and they love the ceremony around shaving with a cut-throat razor, and really wanted to create a product that was a nod to that process. Straight razors are used in barbershops across the world and disposable blade straight razor is typically the choice of professionals so the Morrama Angle Razor on Kickstarter lets you recreate the barbering ritual in your own home.

Better For Your Skin

There is a tangible sense of satisfaction that comes from mastering the art of the wet shave and not only that, this type of shaving is actually better for your skin so bagging one of these Morrama Angle Razors on Kickstarter is a must in our opinion here at Coolector HQ. Boasting a unique and carefully considered, minimalist style design, this is the coolest looking razor we’ve seen in some time and will definitely appeal to those men that demand aesthetic superiority from their grooming supplies.

If you’re on the hunt for a new razor, you can pick up this great looking offering for as little as £55 on Kickstarter which when you consider the quality materials used in its crafting such as solid aluminium and the solid brass pivot pin, this represents a bit of a bargain in our eyes. Want to ramp up your shaving routine in 2018? Head on over to Kickstarter now.

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