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Cycling is something that we try to do as much as possible here at Coolector HQ and, as a result, we’re always on the lookout for new pieces of bicycle related awesomeness to feast our eyes upon. Well, we’ve just come across something painfully awesome that will definitely catch the eye of any cyclist who has grown weary of the mundane nature of their bicycle helmet. Imagine, if you will, you could have something a good deal more eye-catching atop your head as you weave between stationary cars – well, sir, you can and it goes by the name of a Inkwell Bicycle Helmet.

Inkwell Cycle Helmets are, as you can plainly see, brilliantly hand-painted helmets that are made to order by New York based illustrator, Danielle Baskin. Each of the helmets that this superbly talented illustrator produces are genuine works of art and the objective of this wonderfully creative project is to transform the mundane (bike helmets) are to something a good deal more extraordinary and, in the opinion of us at Coolector HQ, this is a goal that has been well and truly accomplished.

Inkwell Cycle Helmets are made to order but there is a fantastic selection of helmets available on the website so if you’ve got a creative block and not sure what design you want on your cycle helmet, you’ll likely find something pre-existing over on the website. Check out a few of our favourites below:

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If you’re wanting to add a certainly level of individuality to your daily commute then you’ll not find many better ways of doing this than with one of these brilliantly hand-finished Inkwell Bicycle Helmets.

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