MOVA Cycling Jacket

The team at The Coolector are true urbanites who value the utility of the humble bicycle. Lightweight and reliable, our trusty steel steeds usually get us from point A to point B in less time than other forms of transportation — and has us break a sweat while we do so.

Despite all its benefits, riding bikes through the urban jungle is serious business. To ensure safety, the responsible cyclist has to be outfitted for the challenges of the road and the many cars and other obstacles on it. That’s where the MOVA Cycling Jacket comes in.

A Functional Solution

The MOVA Cycling Jacket effortlessly combines form and function as a reversible jacket with a collection of thoughtful design touches. Up top, an integrated hood fits snugly over any type of helmet while its under-the-arm zippers let riders freshen up with the help of cool breezes.

It also sports multiple pockets with room for the important stuff: Its traditional side pockets are cavernous, its wide back pocket is perfect for a wallet, a water bottle, and a few other knick-knacks while a secret pocket on its sleeve allows easy access to keys and other small essentials. Below the back pocket is a dropped back hem for protection from water splashing upwards from the back tire on a wet ride.

What really sets the MOVA Cycling Jacket apart is its set of integrated LED lights in its neck and sleeves, each of which can hold a one year charge. With this, there’s no need to fiddle with finicky brake lights that can fall off or that need to constantly be charged. Combined with the jacket’s 3M reflective stripes and the MOVA Cycling Jacket shines brightly to keep you safe on the road.

Built to Last

Durable, element-resistant construction, a stylish fit, and smart design make the MOVA Cycling Jacket one of the more interesting choices available for true city cyclists — and for all the bike nuts here at The Coolector.

So, if you’ve got plenty of cycling on the horizon for 2017 and want to make sure you’ve got the very best apparel for the job then you should head to Kickstarter now and bag this excellent looking MOVA Cycling Jacket for a bargain price.

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