Know Your Movie Monsters

know your movie monsters

There have been some pretty seminal monsters in the movies over the years but we’re the first to admit that many of them had slipped our mind here at Coolector HQ but this excellent infographic from Yahoo! Movies acts as an abridgement to remind us of some of the best monstrous bad guys over the last half century or so.

So, whether it be the pretty unscary marshmallow man from Ghostbusters or the nightmare inducing Samara from The Ring, you’ll find them in this great little infographic. Check out the full version below:


Perhaps not the most in-depth of infographics but a good-looking one nonetheless and one that we here at The Coolector were mightily impressed by. Charting each monstrous villain by size and whether they were plain evil or just misunderstood, this infographic has got all the bases covered. We’re big fans of horror and monster movies and whilst there are a vast array of our favourite monsters not included here, there is still plenty to enjoy.

Via: Design Taxi

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