Murdered: Soul Suspect

Even though I tuned in quite avidly to the coverage from the recent E3 event in the US, there is one game that flew completely under my radar it is that of Murdered: Soul Suspect by Final Fantasy crafters, Square Enix. Billed as a “supernatural detective thriller” whereby you’re put in charge of the toughest case to solve – you’re own murder. Sounds great, right? Well, as you can see from the 25 minute trailer (bit long for a trailer, no? It’s not a trailer) it certainly looks great as well as sounding great.

After watching the video above and being blown away with the quality of the graphics, I assumed that the game must be a next-generation console release but, in actuality, it’s pencilled in for release in early 2014 on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Which just goes to show, even with the impending arrival of the next generation of consoles, that there is still life in the old dogs left.

Players assume control of detective Ronan O’Connor after he is murdered by an unknown assailant. Stuck in limbo and unable to move on until he has discovered the identity of his murderer, you will be thrust into a world of mystery and, through the use of newly found supernatural abilities (such as inhabiting other people’s bodies), will unveil clues that, ultimately, lead to the revelation of who O’Connor’s killer is. Check out a few stills from the game below:


Not really much about this awesome looking game on the Square Enix website except this Blog Post about it.

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