Mustang 50th Anniversary Shinola Watch


Detroit based watchmakers and artisans Shinola have done their fair share of helping Detroit overcome their economic downturn by taking their operations to the East Coast city. The most famous brand to emerge from Detroit is, of course, that of Ford so it stands to reason that one of Detroit’s newest names have combined forces with one of it’s oldest to produce this rather awesome Mustang 50th Anniversary Shinolo watch. Check out this stunning watch and the process of its creation below:

The Shinola Mustang watch is certainly an impressive beast and one that, at a mere $750, is somewhat of a snip. The Mustang is unequivocally one of Ford’s most impressive and revered motorcars and this Shinola timepiece is definitely an excellent celebration of the vehicle’s 50th year.

Offering a fantastic array of features, you’re certainly onto a bargain with this Shinola watch (though they do offer many other excellent, non-Mustang related timepieces) and just a few of the most eye-catching characteristics to be found from this rather spiffing watch include Argonite 715 movement (consisting of nearly four dozen Swiss parts), individually numbered timepiece with “Built in Detroit” caseback, stainless steel case with rotating topring and limited to just 1000 pieces.

Feast your eyes on its impressiveness over at Ford.

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