Drinking Quotes Prints

I think we can all agree that drinking is a pretty manly and awesome pursuit. And, it would transpire, that it isn’t just us here at The Coolector who have formulated this opinion. There has been many a famous face who has lent their advocation to booze and these excellent prints from Rita Elias Almeida is a celebration of some of the most memorable quotes made by these famous folk about the benefits of booze.

The Coolector has, perhaps, has an over-reliance on alcohol to fuel our writing but it is comforting to see that some of history’s biggest names such as Benjamin Franklin and Ernest Hemingway have openly voiced their opinions on why alcohol is so great. Personally speaking and I feel I am in a position to speak on behalf of The Coolector, our favourite quote has to be Hemingway’s “Any man who eats dessert is not drinking enough”.

Never a truer word.

Check out these great drinking prints by Almeida at Behance.

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