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Storage is something that we take pretty seriously here at Coolector HQ because a cluttered workspace is never conducive to working effectively but, needless to say, the storage that we choose needs to boast an aesthetic impact and that’s why we’re such big fans of the awesome lockers and accessories from the guys at Mustard Made. For any room – whether it be a hallway, home office or bedroom – that needs a pop of colour and some mighty versatile storage, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better investment than one of these great looking lockers.

The story behind Mustard Made is an inspiring one and the brand is run by two sisters who live on opposites sides of the planet – one in UK and one in Australia – which makes their success story all the more remarkable. A dream ticket for interior design aficionados, these amazing lockers don’t just elevate the style of any room instantly, they are also extremely simple to put together and don’t require any tools. You’ll go from flat-packed locker to fully assembled storage solution in a matter of minutes. It’s impressive stuff to say the least.

Check out our pick of four of the best lockers from Mustard Made below:

Skinny Locker in Olive – £229

The brilliant looking Skinny Lockers from Mustard Made (£229) will have you harking back to your school days but with a considerably more vibrant and contemporary aesthetic. We’re loving the Olive Skinny Locker here at Coolector HQ with the muted colourways effortlessly fitting in with more or less any interior design endeavours.

Designed to help you with your organisational efforts, Mustard Made’s Skinny lockers will keep your stuff neat and tidy. Perfect for standing alone or pairing with a few other lockers, The Skinny is sophisticated, striking and pleasingly practical. It comes with a removable hanging rail, four adjustable shelves, two handy hooks, cable hole, wall attachment points. (£229)

Midi Locker in Mustard – £299

If it’s a touch more storage that you’re after from your locker, you won’t go wrong with Mustard Made’s fantastic Midi series of lockers. For adding a touch of vibrancy to your interior design endeavours, you’ll not find many candidates better for the job than this superb Midi Locker in Mustard (£299). This impactful locker has maximum storage potential. Use it as a toy cupboard, in the kitchen or hiding all the shoes + umbrellas in the hallway – the list goes on and on.

The Mustard Midi Locker (£299) has two adjustable shelves (in four parts), two handy hook, cable hole, and wall attachment points. And, best of all, with no tricky assembly required, it will up and in situ in no time at all – turning the heads of all who see it. The Midi Locker is a real all-rounder and definitely one of our favourites from Mustard Made here at Coolector HQ. (£299)

Shorty Locker in Ocean – £129

Say hello to your perfect bedside companion in the shape of the superb looking Shorty Locker in Ocean from Mustard Made (£129). This small but perfectly formed storage solution will make itself at home tucked neatly next to your desk, sidled up next to your bed or nestled in your living room. It’s Tardis-like from a storage perspective and you’ll be surprised at just how much you’ll be able to fit into one of this effortlessly cool Shorty Lockers from Mustard Made.

On the outside you’ll see a handle, lock, custom keyring, mustard logo and air vents and, internally, the Shorty Locker has two adjustable shelves, one handy hook, cable hole, wall attachment points. If you’re after a small piece of furniture to fill a space in a room that offers style and storage in spades – call off the search as you’ve just found it with the Shorty. (£129)

The Lowdown Locker in Navy – £249

Another space saving beauty, the Lowdown Locker in Navy from Mustard Made (£249) will not just elevate the style of any room in which you deploy it, it will also give you an impressive amount of storage for anything from books to shoes, vinyl to beers. Billed as your your new favourite console, tv station or office storage, this locker is understandably one of Mustard Made’s most popular products. Standing at the same height as The Shorty, the Lowdown is wider but a little less deep so it’s all about fitting into the sort of space you’re working with on your decorative endeavours. 

On the inside of the Lowdown Locker you’ll find one adjustable shelf (in two parts), two handy hooks, a cable hole, and wall attachment points. The outside boasts handles, locks, a custom keyrings, mustard logo, air vents. Regardless of which Mustard Made locker you choose, you’ll be getting a great looking addition to your interior design efforts but we’ve definitely got a real soft spot for the Lowdown here at The Coolector. (£249)

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