MyCanoe POP Portable Origami Folding Canoe

For those of you with plans afoot to spend time on the water in the coming months, there is a Kickstarter campaign very much worthy of your attention in the shape of the MyCanoe POP Portable Origami Folding Canoe. This clever piece of design will make hitting the waterways a much more accessible pastime with an affordable and easy to assemble vessel that has well and truly caught our attention here at Coolector HQ.

The MyCanoe POP Portable Origami Folding Canoe is available for the rather extraordinary price of just $849 during the Kickstarter campaign which, when you consider the intended retail price of $1299, is somewhat of a bargain. The stand out feature of this canoe is its unparalleled portability and ease of set up which will see you take it from carrying case to the water in less than five minutes.

Water Based Adventures

There are few things more relaxing and tranquil than hitting some open water away from it all and it’s never been easier to do that than with this brilliant looking MyCanoe POP Portable Origami Folding Canoe on Kickstarter. It is a 14.5-foot canoe that weighs just 50 pounds, folds into a 3-foot carrying case, and takes just 5 minutes to assemble. What’s not to like about that?

The MyCanoe POP Portable Origami Folding Canoe on Kickstarter (from $849) is an award-winning, patented, TUV-safety certified, high-performance origami folding canoe and it’s not hard to see why it’s already flown past its funding target over on the crowdfunding platform. Cleverly designed to suit every type of paddler, the POP Portable Origami Canoe allows for easy transition in and out of the water and has built-in keels on the bow and stern for improved stability and tracking – which benefits even the least experienced adventurer. 

It is an excellent way to enjoy the great outdoors from a unique vantage point – whether this be on your own, with a friend, or with your dogs. Generally speaking, canoes can be hard to transport and store, largely because of their cumbersome size. The MyCanoe POP solves that problem. It is a two-person, 50-pound, 14-foot canoe that folds and unfolds like origami in a matter of minutes. Each one comes with two seats and a carrying case, which doubles as the canoe floor and it couldn’t be more straightforward to put together.

Effortlessly Simple Set-Up

The whole point for creating this canoe was to deliver something that your average person could use from time to time and not only for those who hit the water regularly. With the assembly time of the MyCanoe POP Origami Canoe being just five minutes, you can spend less time on land, and more time exploring. The lightweight polypropylene (PP) composite is engineered for optimum flexibility and robustness in order to support frequent assembly and withstand various usage options out on the water. 

Courtesy of the the origami folding technique, this cleverly conceived canoe can be stored in your closet, garage or under your bed and can be transported in the back of a small sedan, instead of attached to your car roof. Available for under $1000 during the Kickstarter campaign, now is the time to move if you want to make waves out on the water over the coming weeks and months.

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