NAnaco ERGO FIT™ Men’s Rings

Let’s face it, men don’t put as much thought into ring purchases as their female counterparts and the one area in particular in which this is noticeable is in the quality of the fit. Well, no more, courtesy of these excellent looking NAnaco ERGO FIT™ Men’s Rings which are funding over on Kickstarter right now and have the sort of understated, sleek design that we’re big fans of here at Coolector HQ.

These NAnaco ERGO FIT™ Men’s Rings on Kickstarter aim to change the way in which jewellery can be worn by men and the brand is founded by Hyona Lim, who has a background in architecture – something which shines through in the effortlessly elegant nature of these striking rings. Most men don’t know when you size for a ring, there’s more to consider than the diameter of your finger and these ERGO FIT™ rings tackle that problem head on.

One Ring To Rule Them All

Not all ring fits are made equal. Depending on the interior fit, sizes are not true to the measured size which can often lead to ill fitting rings for men. A comfort fit ring usually fits around one size larger while a standard fit ring fits one size smaller than the diameter specified in the Official International Ring Size Chart. These ERGO FIT™ Men’s Rings are aiming to shake up this industry and offer a much more dynamic solution to the problem of ill-fitting rings for men.

The NAnaco ERGO FIT™ Men’s Rings on Kickstarter are available for the bargain price of $349 during the crowdfunding campaign (which is $100 off the final retail price) so move quickly to bag yourself a bargain. They have an interior which is engineered to respond to the ergonomics of your finger for a functional design.  The design takes on an asymmetrical interior aesthetic that possesses a function that is directional and much more conducive to a good fit.

NAnaco’s solution for a better fitting ring oversees all known issues from previous models and takes into account all the variables that determine a ring size. Made using 3D printing technology and modelling software, NAnaco’s rings are constructed based on dimensions formulated to the ergonomics of your finger so you’ll immediately notice a superior quality fit from the first time you put it on.

Offering The Perfect Fit

Designed to offer the perfect fit for every man, regardless of their lifestyle, it’s not hard to see why NAnaco’s Men’s Rings have got off to such a flying start over on Kickstarter. Made from titanium which is hypoallergenic and won’t tarnish and built for performance and adventure, you’ll not find a more robust ring than this out there.

The ERGO FIT™ collection on Kickstarter consists of two different ring styles – namely, traditional and contemporary – and you can pick the one that best suits your own unique sense of style safe in the knowledge that the quality of the fit will be second to none. Want a ring that won’t be uncomfortable and cumbersome? Head on over to Kickstarter now to throw your support behind NAnaco.

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