We should all take pride in where we live but for those of us who want to take this pride to the next level, there is Neighborwoods – a superb design project from New York based, vintage map lover, Aymie Spitzer. Offering visually appealing and wonderfully designed maps from many of the world’s major cities, these Neighborwood pieces are hand-drawn and laser-engraved onto unfinished aromatic cedar and, I think we can all agree, the end result is rather spiffing.

Every one of the maps is completely unique and will have imperfections and quirks not found in its counterparts as a result of each being made individually in a Brooklyn workshop. Expert craftsmanship abounds with these Neighborwood designs and whether you’re looking for a representation of Manhattan, London, Los Angeles or Paris, Spitzer has got you covered.

You can get your hands on your city over at Neighborwoods.

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