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One thing you can expect a lot of in 2015 is smartwatches. With Apple setting the precedence and blazing a trail, most will be trying to usurp the king but not many will likely be able to keep up with the technology colossus but there is certainly one device that has captured our attention here at Coolector HQ which goes by the name of the Neptune Duo and which looks to be a most mightily impressive bit of gadgetry indeed.

The Neptune Duo consists of two separate components – the hub and the pocket screen – which has been designed in such a way because it’s clear that the wristwatch aesthetic doesn’t really lend itself to the sort of apps and games that we’re accustomed to but the Neptune Duo aims to overcome this through their duel level design.

Boasting a highly striking visual and understated cool, the Neptune Duo is right up our street here at The Coolector and all the impressive technology of the device is held within the hub section and the pocket screen acts largely like a mouse and isn’t overflowing with technology but, as the creators make clear, it doesn’t need to be. The video and images below do a better job of explaining the highly intriguing and impressive capabilities of the Neptune Duo:

[youtube width=”750″ height=”450″][/youtube]

Hub - Apps

Hub - Internal View

Hub - Side View

Hub & Pocket screen - Industrial Design

Pocket screen

Boasting an extremely impressive battery life with a combined capacity of 3,800 mAh, the Neptune Duo can last a few days of normal usage on a single charge and the hub allows you to make calls, send messages, stay connected with your social networks, track fitness stats, and plenty more besides, all directly on your wrist.

Whilst the device isn’t ready to hit the shelves just yet, with a purported release date of late 2015, we’re already supremely impressed with what we’ve seen so far from the Neptune Duo and think that Apple might just have a fight on its hands to be considered the must have smart watch.

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