Nick Offerman’s Wood Workshop

If you can ignore the fact that what appears to be Buster Bleuth is doing a lunge in the still of the video above and find it possible to tear away yourself away from said lunge to press the play button, you will be treated to one of the best videos I’ve seen this year. It is an insider look at the wood workshop of Parks and Recreation star, Nick Offerman. If you’re not familiar with the show which, admittedly, I wasn’t until this year, it stars Offerman as the alpha-male boss of a Parks and Recreation department, Ron Swanson, and is, genuinely, one of the funniest lead performances in many a year – so, it’s definitely one to watch if you’re yet to come across it.

But it isn’t the fine Parks and Recreation that I wish to talk about here, it is Nick Offerman’s real-life labour of love that is the focus and he has a long-held interest in woodworking which he enjoys in parallel with his acting career. He runs a woodworking shop creating everything from tables to boats in Sherman Oaks, California, and it looks like he pretty much plays himself in the hit comedy show, Parks and Recreation. We’re suckers for hand-crafted things here at The Coolector and when you combine this craftsmanship with a genuine comedic talent, it is a win-win in my eyes. He has a team of woodworkers to assist him in his endeavours (or when his acting responsibilities drag him away) and you can see this rag-tag bunch of creatives below – starting with the man himself, Offerman.


You can also check out a selection of their fine wares below:



For more information about this truly fantastic woodwork workshop – visit the Offerman Workshop website.

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