When heading out into the wild this summer to tackle woodland trails or mountainous treks, you’re going to need the right sort of footwear at your disposal to make sure you conquer all these different sorts of terrains. Well, you’ll be hard pressed to find a cooler looking or more robust and functional than these Nike ACG RUCKEL RIDGE GO OUTSIDE Boots, which are designed and crafted with the great outdoors in mind.

The Nike ACG RUCKEL RIDGE GO OUTSIDE Boots have been designed for anyone who goes from the streets to the peaks and requires the sort of footwear that is uncompromising when it needs to be and stylish enough for everyday wear. This tech for your trek from Nike boasts pressure-absorbing Poron Foam, a GravelRockMoss System to improve traction and the just-right foot containment thanks to a 4D Fit Mesh upper and speed-lacing system.

Trek Ready Footwear

Nike have a long history of crafting apparel and footwear geared towards trekking and hiking and these ACG RUCKEL RIDGE GO OUTSIDE Boots are another fine example of their capabilities in this arena. They have been designed for the sort of exploration that requires you to be ready for whatever the elements can throw at you: whether this be rain, sleet, snow and all kinds of dirt. Nearly three decades since its inception, Nike’s ACG footwear now takes the idea of “All Conditions Gear” to the next level with the Ruckel Ridge, a boot-like silhouette which has been purpose built for treks from manmade surroundings to the heart of the woodland wilderness.

The Nike ACG RUCKEL RIDGE GO OUTSIDE Boots have been designed by long-time Nike Footwear designers, Tinker Hatfield and Aaron Cooper, and the footwear was born from personal insights which were gathered from Cooper’s own excursions out into the wild and it is this sort of first hand experience that gives this Nike footwear an edge over its competition. Cooper explained that he cycled road and trail routes, but always wanted a more hybridised experience. One of the fastest growing trends in cycling is taking an old mountain set-up and turning it into a ‘touring’ bike” so he applied this logic to footwear that can be worn in the city and up a mountain.

One of the reasons that the Nike ACG RUCKEL RIDGE GO OUTSIDE Boots can trek hundreds of miles is the fact they have a soft inner sole of their hoof—and one of the reasons they can walk across vertical rock is because of the hard perimeter of their hoof. As you might expect, the insights of Cooper’s outdoor excursions inspired the innovation behind the Ruckel Ridge’s multi-density and hybrid-traction performance outsole – which is chiefly responsible for their impeccable comfort whilst out and about.

Quality Construction

A real attention to detail is apparent throughout the construction of these Nike ACG RUCKEL RIDGE GO OUTSIDE Boots and there are additional materials located between the multi-density outsole and dual-density midsole which act as a “Dynamic Debris Guard”. While the majority of hiking footwear makes use of materials that protect your feet from bruising, and this also creates a barrier that restricts ground sensitivity. Cooper and the team did not want to settle for that, however, and found that the combination of a material originally invented for the Air Foamposite and a rate-sensitive, stretchable, high shock-absorbing foam creates a layer of protection without compromise.

For any man on the lookout for a pair of footwear that is just as at home on the hills as the sidewalk, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for with the Nike ACG RUCKEL RIDGE GO OUTSIDE Boots and with a price tag of £120, they’re not going to significantly impact your pocket. Stylish, robust and comfortable as they come, these boots are a must for anyone serious about their outdoor adventures and looking good whilst doing it.

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