Nike AF1 ‘Swoosh Sporting Club’

When it comes to footwear brands, we’ve definitely got our favourites here at Coolector HQ – New Balance being one but Nike certainly aren’t far behind and one of the chief reasons for this is their awesome offerings like the Nike AF1 ‘Swoosh Sporting Club’ Sneakers that have just captured our attention.

This great looking pair of sneakers is one of the best we’ve seen of late from Nike and if you’re the sort who loves a duck hunt or two then they will also be right up your street. The Nike AF1 ‘Swoosh Sporting Club’ Sneakers are customisable to your own particular style tastes in terms of colours and materials used and they boast a canvas textile and leather upper with special corduroy branding which definitely makes them stand out from the crowd.

If you’re in the market for a new pair of sneakers that will make their mark, the Nike AF1 ‘Swoosh Sporting Club’ fit the bill admirably well and they offer not only impeccable comfort but also unparalleled style to boot. Check out a few more shots of them in action below:






Superbly stylised and with the little touches that point to their hunting leanings, this fantastic footwear from Nike is going to appeal to plenty of chaps out there and the fact you’ve got your choice of materials – such as anthracite/bamboo – in their construction is merely going to ramp up their appeal still further.

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