NOBULL Leather Runner Sneakers

Finding footwear that is accomplished both in the style and performance department is not always straightforward because they are usually weighted in one camp or the other but with these awesome NOBULL Leather Runner Sneakers, you really are getting the best of both worlds. Available in a few different colourways and with a mighty reasonable price tag of just $199, it’s not hard to see why these are positively flying off the shelves in the run up to 2019.

The NOBULL Leather Runner Sneakers are great to look at from an aesthetic point of view but it is the choice of materials and their performance capabilities that really set them apart from the competition. Though the price tag of $199 is quite a lot for sneakers, you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck so to speak and you’ll be hard pressed to find a more accomplished pair of sneakers than this in 2019. Boasting a one-piece construction of beautiful and durable leather, this footwear is built for training and adventure.

Eye-Catching Performance

If you demand the best from your footwear so far as training and performance is concerned, you’ll not go too far wrong with these  NOBULL Leather Runner Sneakers. They feature a supportive, breathable leather upper and don’t be afraid to put these to the test, because the Leather Runner Sneaker is purpose built to take on as much work as you do and to be ready and waiting for any adventure you can think of.

The NOBULL Leather Runner Sneakers have a no-nonsense visual impact that expertly tallies with their unparalleled performance and they have an outsole lug pattern which has been designed for multi-environment usage, allowing for an effortless transition between inside and outside with the right blend of flexibility, traction and support. Designed to offer comfort in the most uncomfortable of conditions and training regimes, it’s easy to see why this footwear is immensely popular amongst the active.

Boasting a removable moulded anatomical sock-liner alongside medial post out of higher durometer EVA, the NOBULL Leather Runner Sneakers offer a first class performance every time you pull them on. Each pair has a 10mm heel to toe drop and comes with two pairs of laces for when you inevitably wear through the first pair with excessive use and adventuring. Extremely lightweight, weighing in at a mere 12.35 oz, this footwear is lightfooted but just about as robust as they come.

Superb Style

You wouldn’t expect footwear designed for training and exercise to look as good as these NOBULL Leather Runner Sneakers but it is clear that they have put a lot of emphasis on visuals as well as performance and delivered the ultimate in running shoes. If you’re in the market for some new running shoes in 2019 and want some that look the part but help ensure your training goes to plan then look no further.

The $199 price tag is a pleasing one considering the quality on offer here and the first rate materials coupled with the excellent design processes behind the NOBULL Leather Runner Sneakers come together to make them a real bargain in our opinion here at Coolector HQ. Perfectly suited to leisurely wear or hitting the running track, these really do represent the best of both worlds and their popularity isn’t difficult to fathom.

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