Nodus Compact Coin Wallet

Truth be told, we don’t really carry coins around with us much nowadays here at Coolector HQ but this is almost certainly largely as a result of the fact we don’t have the requisite piece of EDC to accommodate them and that’s why this great looking Nodus Compact Coin Wallet has got us sitting up and taking notice.

Nodus are no strangers to the pages of The Coolector and we’ve featured their excellent wares before but if you’re after something that will really ramp up your money carrying versatility, the Nodus Compact Coin Wallet is surely it. Despite its diminutive profile, there is an abundance of space to be found within this expertly crafted piece of everyday carry and you’ll be sure to be able to fit not just your coins but also any card that you use on a daily basis.

Big On Style

An incredibly dapper accessory that will fulfil all your everyday needs, the Nodus Compact Coin Wallet is capable of holding anything between 2-17 cards so wherever you lie on the card-carrying spectrum, this top class accessory should be able to accommodate you. It is technologically superior to most other accessories out there and will let you pay contactless on either side of the wallet without the ever-irksome ‘card clash‘ problem and ensures all the cards on the inside are kept secure with RFID shielding.

There are a lot of cool design features to be found within the Nodus Compact Coin Wallet and this includes the all-important expandable internal coin pocket where you can keep that bothersome change in a neat, ordered way. The wallet also has a dedicated note sleeve for paper cash and this contains a key slot so you can keep your house key safe and secure on the go as well. Available in a number of different colours, this striking accessory has definitely left us impressed with its styling and versatility here at Coolector HQ.

Crafted from full grain vegetable tanned Italian leather, there is a real tangible sense of quality to the touch with Nodus Compact Coin Wallet and with a profile of just 68mm tall x 102mm wide, it fits snugly in the pocket without ever weighing you down. If you regularly find yourself with loose change rattling around in your pocket, this is one accessory that should be on your must-have list because it deals with coins perfectly and still boasts all the same features of the card holders popular today.

Small But Perfectly Formed

We’ve all got our own tastes when it comes to the sort of EDC we favour but this all-rounder from Nodus definitely has more going for it than most and the sheer level of functionality that it has to offer will ensure that plenty of men will be rocking one of these ace looking accessories.

As big fans of Nodus, we’re always keeping an eye out for their latest accessories and this supremely well crafted and great looking Compact Coin Wallet is one of our favourite pieces to date from the brand. Stylish, functional and made using the finest materials, there really is nothing not to like.

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