Nodus iPhone 11 Shell II Cases

If you’ve invested in an iPhone 11, chances are you’ll want to make sure its stays in tip top condition until the time comes to upgrade and, if you want to do it in some considerable style, these brilliant looking Nodus iPhone 11 Cases will be right up your street. Available in a number of different colours to fit in with the aesthetic of your EDC line up, these iPhone 11 Cases from Nodus excel from both a style and performance perspective.

Boasting a great price tag of £54.99, the Nodus iPhone 11 Shell Case will add a touch of dapperness to your smartphone whilst protecting it and adding to its functionality in the process. Nodus are one of the best in the business when it comes to tech accessories and these offerings for Apple’s magnificent phone are a real cut above. Founded in 2013, Nodus have focused on creating products that improve the interactions we have with the items we use the most. Their focus is on wallets and cases, and they’ve created a range that is intuitive to use, elegant and tactile.

A Case for the Defence

Keeping your iPhone 11 safe and sound will be a priority of course and the fact these cases look so good is the real icing on the cake. These brilliant looking accessories are crafted from an elegant vegetable tanned Italian leather which has a tangible sense of quality to the touch and they boast a portfolio style design which ramps up the functionality and ensures that they give you the sort of versatile performance that you demand.

It doesn’t have any clips or bulky parts that get in the way which makes the Nodus iPhone 11 Cases really excel in our opinion here at Coolector HQ and the great £55 price tag is sure to add to their appeal considerably. It allows you to carry that essential bank card and securely dock your iPhone anywhere with the magnetic Micro Dock III and ultra slim veg tanned, Italian leather Shell Case II +1 Card. 

The handcrafted quality of these Nodus iPhone 11 Cases means it will be your smartphone’s new best friend for years to come. It is compatible with Qi Wireless Charging Devices and it boasts shock Absorbing Poly-Carbonate Core with the magnetic mounts anywhere with Micro Dock III (which comes included with the case).

Magnetic Performance

The Shell Case II’s slim design and stunning leather delivers style and tactile sensation to the iPhone while adding the genuinely useful feature of seamless magnetic docking. It has a shock absorbing polycarbonate core, ultra-responsive covered leather buttons and a raised lip over the screen to protect from light bumps and scratches.

The magnetic Micro Dock III (Micro Strip) is small enough to be mounted just about anywhere and more than capable of docking the iPhone (in Shell Case) securely, even in rough driving conditions. The Case’s built-in Magnetic Shielding protects the iPhone from magnetic interference, allowing all apps and features to continue to work perfectly, even Qi Wireless Charging.

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