Noori Rocket Stove

Despite the fact we’re heading into the depths of winter here at Coolector HQ, this doesn’t mean our thoughts of outdoor cooking and BBQs has taken a back seat and it always pays to be prepared for the year ahead. If, like us, you’re already thinking about spring and summer for next year and the al fresco food you’ll be whipping up, you’re definitely going to want to sit up and take notice of the awesome looking Noori Rocket Stove which is a stove, BBQ, pizza oven and fire pit all rolled into one fantastic looking bit of kit.

The Noori Rocket Stove is extremely portable and can be positioned more or less anywhere you can think of in your backyard or camping spot and it will deliver a first class cooking experience each and every time you fire it up. The word Noori means “My Fire, My Light” and this superb offering really does bring the joy back to outdoor cooking in style. It takes us back to a time when humanity didn’t feel the rush of time where cooking wasn’t an imposition but rather a moment to exchange experiences. Friends, music and stories around the heat, flames, wood perfume and a good meal – what’s not to like?

Cooking Colossus 

The Noori Rocket Stove is a multi-function piece that explores all uses through the components and accessories unique design, and allows for a truly great experience to culinary and fire lovers. The main body of these stoves is crafted from refractory concrete and it is offered in two finishing striking colourways – namely, Volcano and Stone – and they’re both as effortlessly as cool as one another. The modular style design of this bit of cooking apparatus ramps up its functionality considerably and it’s certainly not difficult to see why it has won a plethora of design awards.

For those with a love of outdoor cooking, the Noori Rocket Stove is going to be an essential addition to your backyard or camping excursions in 2020 and it consists of many different elements that will see you whipping up all sorts of culinary delights. For fans of pizza, the Pizza Disk allows you to prepare pizzas in just a few minutes and it can also can be used to prepare breads, or to support roasters and containers suitable for ovens.

The upper half-moon grill of the Noori Rocket Stove was specially designed by the team at Noori and it boasts the ideal amount of permeability for cooking your meals to perfection. The same grill model can be combined to create another level to the grill for larger cooking needs. You simply attach the kit to the holes and have a larger surface for food and another area of ​​heat for all your backyard BBQs and camping cookouts.

Innovative Design

A stand out feature of the Noori Rocket Stove is the modular pipe heating design called the Rocket System which is diffused in permaculture, starts from the proportion, 1-2-3 to generate more heat with the least amount of fuel. It is the Noori stove’s core, and through it and its proportion, all other uses have been added, creating its modularity. This part of design is made of enamelled steel tubes, and focuses on the durability of performance and heating potential.

Expertly designed from top to bottom, the Noori Rocket Stove has a mighty striking aesthetic and has great little design features throughout. This includes the Noori® lid which enables the versatility of the wood oven, barbecue, and smoker functions and the lower “orbital” grill which was specially designed by the Noori team, and has two functions: namely to centralise the tube of the Rocket system in the refractory body, and to support the coal on the BBQ feature, when capped.

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