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We love all types of watches here at Coolector HQ and, we must say, we somewhat lament the lack of good quality digital timepieces available on the market but this is something that the guys at Normal Timepieces are striving to change with their latest release – the awesome looking Tokiji Watch which is funding over on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter as we speak. If you’ve been looking for the ultimate in minimalistic digital watches, call off the search because you’ve just found it.

The Normal Tokiji Watch on Kickstarter is available for the bargain price of just $162 during the campaign and it is billed as the new standard for digital watches. It boasts all of the functions you would expect from a digital watch with the added benefit of an enhanced, exceptionally vivid display that immediately draws the eye. The timepiece’s moniker of “Tokiji” is the direct translation from Japanese of “time numerals” and there is a wonderful understated aesthetic to this fantastic looking offering from Normal Watches.

Taking Inspiration from the Past

The seven segment digit was patented in 1903 for a method of telegraphically transmitting numbers to be printed on tape and the first digital wrist watch was an LED prototype in 1970. The Normal Tokiji Watch on Kickstarter is a celebration of these landmarks and gives them the respect that they deserve. The vivid digits of the watch are generously spaced on a rich, black dial, and surrounded by a devilishly dapper, minimalistic case. The watch boasts a striking display based on a unique approach that Normal Watches have spent years developing. This breakthrough process is something that they started to develop with their original digital watch, but have really refined for the Tokiji.

The Tokiji Watch from Normal Timepieces on Kickstarter ($162) removes all of the air, and space from between the lens, and the LCD display to allow the light to pass straight through. Due to the light now being uninhibited, both of these blacks line up perfectly and lets Normal do away with the window altogether and make their mask the shape of the actual display graphics. The end result of this is a very deep, and consistent black across the whole watch face to accentuate its bold, striking digital display.

With a 304 stainless steel casing, hardened mineral glass lens and premium calfskin leather, or stainless steel mesh watch bands, the Tokiji Watch from Normal Watches really is built for a life of adventure and day to day use. Its functions include Time, Date, Alarm, 2nd Timezone, Stopwatch and a Backlight and it has a custom digital module acting as the movement and making it a highly accurate and reliable timepiece to way day in, day out. There are four different styles to choose from during the campaign – namely, silver case with black leather band, silver case with silver mesh band, black case with black leather band and, last but not least, a black case with black mesh band.

Assembled in Japan

There is a real sense of Far Eastern minimalism to the Tokiji Watch from Normal Watches and each one is assembled in the watchmaker’s studio in Tokyo. All of the leather and mesh bands Normal produce have release levers attached which means that no tools are needed to easily remove, and replace these bands should you so desire. Digital watches are long overdue a resurgence and the Tokiji might just be the timepiece to deliver it in our opinion here at The Coolector.

The fact that your can get one of these timepieces from Normal Watches on your wrist for under $200 is the real icing on the cake and the stealthy, minimalist visuals are right up our street. For any man in need of a new timepiece that doesn’t break the bank this spring and summer, it’s safe to say that the Tokiji would be one of our top picks and we’re sure it will be one of the most popular watch campaigns on Kickstarter.

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