Mouzen™ Ergonomic Arm Rest

For anyone working in the creative industries or at a desk all day, you’ll likely be only too aware of the stresses and strains that this can cause on your arms and joints and that’s why this Mouzen™ Ergonomic Arm Rest, which is funding over on Kickstarter right now, might just be the thing that you’ve been waiting for. Billed as the world’s most beautiful, ergonomic arm rest, this excellent workspace accessory will optimise the position of your wrist and reduce tension while working with your mouse.

The Mouzen™ Ergonomic Arm Rest on Kickstarter is available for just $89 during the campaign (down from the expected retail price of $120) so if you want to bag a bargain, now is the time to do it. This extremely innovative arm rest combines the best of ergonomics with world-class engineering and a highly striking aesthetic. For those who struggle with aching arms at the end of the working day, this is the perfect addition to your workspace line up.

Intuitive Design Principles

Cleverly conceived, the Mouzen™ Ergonomic Arm Rest is designed to optimise the position of your arm and reduce wrist and shoulder tension while working with your mouse and keyboard. The standout feature of the design is the ErgoFlow  mechanism, which allows you to move freely and comfortably in all directions, whilst supporting your arm in a natural state and forcing you to maintain an upright posture which is good for your shoulders and back when sitting at your desk for extended periods of time.

The Mouzen™ Ergonomic Arm Rest, available from $89 on Kickstarter, is part of Mouzen’s mission to combine the best of ergonomic products that help you be more healthy and productive at work. With some 1000+ development hours and seven prototypes later, they’re finally ready to launch this eye-catching and revolutionary ergonomic armrest onto the market and, if you work at a desk extensively, you’re probably already throwing money at it.

It is an extremely simple and intuitive product which is also incredibly straightforward to install. It has an innovative single-mechanism lock clamp, which means the Mouzen™ Ergonomic Arm Rest  is ready to use in just 6 seconds. It works on almost any surface and it is suitable for desks of thickness 0.2″ (0.5 cm) – 2.1″ (5.5 cm). Every Mouzen comes with a hex key that will allow you to lock it securely on your desk and it can hold up to 50lbs of load without losing any movement properties. The mechanism has multiple shock absorbers and silencers built in, which makes it the smoothest and most silent ergonomic armrest out there.

Workspace Wonder

Most of us will spend large portions of our day working from a desk and this can wreak havocs on joints and posture but the Mouzen™ Ergonomic Arm Rest aims to put an end to these issues with its innovative design and performance. Suitable for use on more or less any style of desk, we’re loving the versatility and functionality of the design here at Coolector HQ and we’re sure that creatives will be snapping up this accessory in their droves.

The Mouzen™ Ergonomic Arm Rest on Kickstarter has the added benefit of being available for the bargain price of $89 during the campaign and this represents excellent value for money for such a useful piece of equipment which will, quite literally, change the way you work. You’ll be amazed at how much less stress you put on your arms, neck and shoulders when you’re using one of these ergonomic arm rests and you’ll never look back after the first time you use it.

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