North Drinkware Mount Hood Pint Glass

We’ve certainly got a penchant for pints here at Coolector HQ so it’s understandable that we’ve always got an eye out for awesome looking glassware that feeds into this habit of ours and we’re pretty sure that this top notch North Drinkware Mount Hood Pint Glass is amongst the best we’ve come across of late. Mount Hood is an iconic range in Portland, Oregon, so it will likely appeal to those in the region more than most but this infinitely impressive piece of glassware will undoubtedly add a touch of mountainous class to any pint.

North Drinkware are currently funding their Mount Hood Pint Glass over on Kickstarter and these handmade glasses inspired by the mountains of Oregon are certainly the sort of beer swilling accessory that we favour here at The Coolector. The pint glass uses United States Geological Survey (USGS) data (depicting¬†ridges, canyons, and peak) in order to place a 3D model of Mt. Hood right in the bottom of the glass to pour your delicious craft ale over. Oregon is particularly well known for it’s rather impressive array of craft beer breweries so it’s probably only right that there is a pint glass out there that celebrates the American state and you can see a few more shots of the Mount Hood Pint Glass from North Drinkware below:





If you like your pint glasses quirky and made with genuine craftsmanship skills then these brilliant looking numbers from North Drinkware undoubtedly tick all of the right boxes. As mentioned the geographical specificness might make them more suited to the Portland based ale drinkers out there but we certainly won’t let that be putting us off here at Coolector HQ.

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