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The old adage of dog being man’s best friend is definitely a true one in our opinion here at Coolector HQ and, as such, we’re firmly of the opinion that they deserve the very best. This leads us onto a new brand on our radar in the shape of Olfeller who are purveyors of some of the classiest leather goods for dogs you’re likely to encounter anywhere on the market and such is the awesomeness of their wares, they’re now being stocked on one of our favourite sites, Huckberry.

Olfeller was born out of a calling to craft something that was as strong and unbreakable as the bond between man and his four-legged companion. They use robust, high quality materials and straightforward designs to deliver gear that will help you and your dog explore further together. All of their fantastic, premium leather goods are hand-made in Indiana by a third-generation family of legendary craftsmen, and their line up of apparel – such as caps and tees – is rugged enough to outlast a life spent outdoors. Keep forging ahead, Olfeller will be right by your side.

Man’s Best Friend

Your dog deserves the best and the majestic looking dog collars and leashes from Olfeller are some of the best in the business in our opinion here at The Coolector. These classy leather goods will significantly enhance your adventure capabilities with your four legged friends and the simple, understated aesthetic of these goods offer a sense of refinement that any dog owner will appreciate.

With the Olfeller Dog Leashes costing a thoroughly reasonable $80 and the devilishly dapper dog collars setting your back just $60, you’ll be able to ramp up the refinement of your dog without having to break the bank. Focusing on the dog leashes shows the tangible sense of quality on offer with the leather goods from Olfeller. These leashes are streamlined at just one inch wide and each one is crafted from 10 ounce bridle leather and extremely durable solid brass hardware. Available in three different colourways – namely, walnut, honey and black – these will add a real touch of class to your wilderness dog walking adventures.

Moving onto the equally as excellent Olfeller Dog Collars, you’ll find it hard not to be impressed with the minimalistic but visually impactful nature of these leather accessories for your four legged ally. These USA-made collars are effortlessly classy and robust and in a landscape of overwrought, under-built dog gear, Olefeller definitely stand out from the crowd with their impeccable collars which are simple in design and reliably rugged in materials.

Quality Materials, Classy Disposition

For those dog owners that really want their canine friends to look their best day in, day out these brilliant leather collars and leashes from Olfeller definitely get our vote here at Coolector HQ. The quality of the craftsmanship and the materials used is second to none and your dog will always look his best when he’s dressed to the nines in one of these top notch leather accessories from Olfeller.

Wonderfully well priced considered the quality materials used and the hand-crafted nature of these accessories, it’s not hard to see why these Olfeller Dog Collars & Leashes are positively flying off Huckberry’s digital shelves. If you’re already planning your wilderness adventures for after lockdown being ended, make sure your dog looks the part with one of these awesome accessories from Olfeller.

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