OLIVERS New Year’s Resolution Essentials

Needless to say, most of us will be making the resolution to be fitter and healthier in 2018 and sport and exercise are, of course, the primary means of achieving this. Ensuring that you don’t fall at the first hurdle is often achieved through ensuring that you’ve got the right kit and apparel for all your fitness endeavours over the next 12 months and there are few brands out there doing sporting wares better than the guys at OLIVERS.

If you’ve got a real desire to keep fit and healthy in 2018, you’ll want to start the year off on the right foot and making sure you’ve got the right kit for all your sporting endeavours is a must. That’s where OLIVERS comes in, with their glorious selection of first rate clothing that is tailor made for an active lifestyle.

Take a look at our picks of New Year’s Resolution essentials from OLIVERS below:

All Over Shorts

Available in a vast array of colours, the All Over Shorts from OLIVERS are a staple of any work out regime and will ensure both comfort and performance, regardless of the activity you’re engaging in. These great looking shorts are designed with one thing in mind – namely, performance. They’re ideally suited for everything from a jog through the woods to swinging kettlebells in the gym and, most importantly, they’re built to last so these will be the last pair of shorts you’ll be needing for a while. ($68)

Bradbury Joggers

New Year’s Resolutions transpire around the colder months of the year so you might want to start your fitness regime in joggers rather than shorts and they don’t come any better than these brilliantly functional and stylish Bradbury Joggers from OLIVERS. Perfect for running and any exercise regimes, these cracking joggers are a staple for any fitness fans and they won’t let you down in the performance department in 2018. Made with an all over stretch weave to ensure they deliver unparalleled performance during exercise, these fantastic joggers are a must for anyone looking to complete their fitness apparel line up. ($118)

Convoy Tee

Finding the perfect T-shirt for exercise is a catalyst for keeping up with your fitness regime and they are a staple of any workout so you’ll probably want to get your hands on a few of these brilliantly designed and crafted Convoy Tees from OLIVERS. Made from 100% merino wool for keeping you warm on cold days and cool on the hot ones, these excellent pieces of apparel are a must for anyone who really wants to make sure they’re comfortable during their New Year’s workout efforts. These temperature regulating tees are one of OLIVERS’ most popular products and it’s certainly not difficult to see why. ($68)

Porter Hoodie

OLIVERS are the go-to brand for a lot of sport enthusiasts out there and with top notch pieces like the Porter Hoodie, we’re not surprised here at Coolector HQ. This great piece of outerwear has a functional stretch performance courtesy of the temperature regulating merino wool construction and its also water repellent, which is important for those of you planning your New Year’s Resolutions in wet and windy parts of the world. Quality positively abounds with all the pieces of sportswear from OLIVERS and nowhere is this more evident than the Porter Hoodie, which is available in a great selection of colours to suit your personal tastes. ($148)

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