One’s workspace will tell a lot about the man and if you’re a creative individual that craves clutter free desk tops and a design conducive to creativity, the OLLLY Desk from Ukrainian furniture designer, Pavel Vetrov, is certainly going to be very much to your liking. Boasting exquisite, clean lines and a carefully considered designed geared towards being creative, this eye-catching piece of furniture is definitely the type of desk we’d gravitate towards here at The Coolector.

The OLLLY Desk from Pavel Vetrov is being sold by Zengen, a Ukrainian furniture purveyor, and there’s no escaping its beautiful, understated aesthetics that immediately draw you in and will keep you focused and productive whilst you work here. This cleverly designed piece of furniture is equipped with a small and compact drawer, perfect for all your EDC, which is conveniently located in the centre of the desk itself. The drawer opens and closes almost silently and effortlessly courtesy of an expertly integrated design.

Ergonomic Excellence

Sleek and sophisticated from a visual perspective, the OLLLY Desk really has caught our furniture loving eye here at The Coolector and for any creative type on the hunt for a new desk, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more functional or aesthetically pleasing one than this. The worktop of the OLLLY Desk has cleverly positioned ergonomic grooves for storing your small office supplies like stationery away from both edges of the table so you’re not constantly knocking them off.

Technology is another chief consideration of the OLLLY Desk because you’ll find slots for the phone and tablet integrated right into the desktop itself for the storage of all your tech essentials. This will help ensure you concentrate on your work at hand but also ensure that they are always within arm’s reach when you need them. There is a special cut-out section on the desktop for keeping all your laptop and technology cables neat and ordered, which is essential because having this sort of clutter on your workspace can make it much more difficult to be productive.

The OLLLY Desk from Pavel Vetrov is one of the coolest looking desks we’ve seen in a while and it’s available in a couple of different finishes to suit your own unique, interior design aesthetic. It boasts solid ash legs and tinted veneer top for a bold, striking visual impact that immediately draws you in. Organisation is key to working well and that’s something that this desk puts front and centre by offering many functional design features geared towards keeping your desk clean and tidy.

Workplace Wonders

It’s important to take one’s time when picking a workspace because, if you’re anything like us at Coolector HQ, there’s where you’re going to be spending the majority of your time. The OLLLY Desk is a fine example of an elegant, stylish, well thought out desk design that is tailor made for those operating in creative industries calling our for a workspace that will help them keep their space ordered and their minds clear.

The OLLLY Desk by Pavel Vetrov is a super cool, well made and versatile workspace for any creative individual and if you’re loving the look of this brilliant piece of design, you can pick one up from Ukrainian furniture site Zengen. This is the sort of desk design that people who need an ordered workspace to concentrate (us included) have been crying out for.

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