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Given that our workspaces are where we spend the vast majority of our time for most people, it makes sense to push the boat out a touch when it comes to keeping it organised and looking its best. This moves us nicely onto Olson Form, a luxury desk accessories brand who have really cornered the market on high end workspace essentials and we’ve certainly had our head well and truly turned here at Coolector HQ.

Olson Form began with the goal of providing the best option for those who had grown weary of plastic, mismatched and unimpressive desk tools.  Many people spend more time at their desk than almost any another place so why settle for anything less than the best tools? A good mechanic understands the importance of quality tools as it displays to the customer the importance they place on doing a quality job and helps get a job done efficiently and correctly. The same is true with a well organised workspace filled with nothing but the best and that’s exactly what you get with Olson Form.

Form Meets Function

The team at Olson Form look at desk accessories as something more than just an accessory, and they rightly consider their pieces to be a fundamental part of someones success at work.  An often overlooked part of someones daily routine can change dramatically with the addition of one of their incredibly eye-catching collections. Their collections come in a number of different materials including camber black and machine silver so you can pick the one that fits in best with the overall aesthetic of your workspace.

Olson Form personally create each and every product in their excellent line up of workspace accessories. They are meticulously engineered, hand- and machine-crafted, and expertly polished to deliver an unbeatable aesthetic. Once each piece is inspected and determined to meet the brand’s high standards, a military-grade finish is applied – which ensures a product that will last a lifetime.  To finish off each piece, Olson Form add fine grain leather to the bottom to protect the surface of your desk or conference table. 

At Olson Form, it is clear to see that they don’t cater to the usual executive audience. They work with trailblazers and disruptors who will pass over something mass-produced in favour of high-quality statement accessories that are a reflection of their style, their sensibilities, and their influence. To do this they fuse precise engineering and premium quality materials to create premium workspace accessories that are a reflection of high status and discerning taste.

Comprehensive Workspace

Offering everything you can possibly require to make your workspace as functional as can be including a Phone Stand, Business Card Holder, Bolt Action Pen, Paperclip Bowl, Pen Holder, Money/Paper Clip, Individual Coaster, Spinning Top, Letter Opener and Cable Weight, it’s easy to see why those who value a neat, organised and stylish workspace are snapping up these Olson Form collections in their droves.

The ultimate in luxury workspaces awaits with these superb collections from Olson Form. Available to purchase individually or as complete collections, you’ll be able to create the ideal workspace for you with these superb accessories. The calibre of the craftsmanship truly is second to none and your workspace will be the envy of all around you if it is finished off with an array of Olson Form accessories.

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