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One’s workspace will invariably have one of the biggest impacts on just how creative and productive you are so anything mundane, uncomfortable and far from functional is definitely to be avoided and that’s why we’ve had our head turned by the excellent looking One Less Desk from Heckler Design which looks to be the antithesis of each of the aforementioned foibles.

One Less Desk is the work of Dean Heckler and his team of designers and each of their products are proudly USA made and the One Less Desk is no exception. This impressive looking construct is an ergonomically designed, space-saving option for those people who are looking for an extremely functional workspace for their home or office and we’re certainly swayed by it’s eye-catching features here at Coolector HQ.

Remaining organised is never easy but your choice of workspace will be one of the most important elements in achieving this and One Less Desk is purpose built to help make organisation of your workspace that bit easier. Boasting a unique nesting design which drastically reduces the amount of floor space it takes up when not fully deployed and ideally suited to various different types of computers such as Thunderbolt displays, this desk seems tailor made for those in the creative industries. Take a look at a few more shots of One Less Desk below:







We’re very much on the lookout for a new workspace here at Coolector HQ and this first rate offering from Heckler Design has unquestionably forced itself towards the top of our must-have list with its striking design and space-saving dimensions. One Less Desk is available in multiple colour-ways so you’re sure to be able to find an iteration that fits in with your interior design requirements and you’ll be mightily impressed with the impeccable functionality of this great looking workspace.

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