One Night Stand

Both humorously monikered and supremely well designed, it’s hard not to fall for the brilliant looking One Night Stand from Uruguayan product designer, Andrea Kac, and though it isn’t yet commercially available, we’ve high hopes that something as striking and well-crafted as this won’t remain unpurchaseable for  long.

The One Night Stand is, as the name alludes to, a night stand but unlike most other pieces of furniture out there, it aims to do everything in one and provide all the functionality that your require thus meaning that you need just one night stand and not a myriad of furniture cluttering up your bedside. There is no denying the visual appeal of Kac’s One Night Stand and there is a vibrancy and modernity to its look that lends it something perfectly for today’s contemporary abodes. Take a look at a few more shots of this spiffing construct below:







Boasting a bevy of plug sockets and plenty of storage space, you’re going to be hard pressed to find a more versatile night time space solution than Kac’s One Night Stand and we’re thoroughly impressed with the first class design and finish on this piece of designer furniture which has definitely got the Coolector seal of approval. Just needs to be made available to buy now.

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