The skateboard revolutionised the world of leisure pursuits it’s fair to say but, as a mode of transportation for getting from A to B, it’s not ideal in our opinion here at Coolector HQ so if you’re looking for a skateboard-like mode of transportation that is a good deal more versatile and a lot less labour intensive, say hello to the OneWheel+.

The OneWheel+ is the new and improved version of the OneWheel that hit the market a little while ago and delivers key improvements in a number of core areas to make this one of the coolest and most functional steeds for both fun and getting about. Available for pre-order now, the OneWheel+ will be hitting the shelves around April this year and we’re already itching to get our hands on one here at The Coolector.

One Wheel To Rule Them All

This next generation of OneWheel transportation certainly looks as though it’s going to deliver the sort of smooth ride and ability to tackle almost any terrain that fans of earlier iterations of the device were craving and you can’t help but be impressed with the capabilities of this eye-catching mode of transportation. The OneWheel+ offers power, speed and smoothness in abundance and with Hypercore motor technology, you’ll be blown away with how fast it can get you from A to B.

Skateboards are, of course, quite limited with regard to the terrains that they are amenable to. Not so with the OneWheel+ which has been purpose built to be able to negotiate more or less any terrain you can throw at it including grass and woodland terrains and this is all down to the robust, uncompromising central wheel that is the catalyst for everything this super cool steed is capable of.

Made in the USA from the best possible components, the OneWheel+ delivers the sort of performance and versatility that you’ll love and for those of you looking for a year round means of urban commuting, you’ve just find the perfect candidate for the job with this superbly conceived and crafted machine. Simple in practice but devilishly clever in the detail, the OneWheel+ looks set to be the next must-have mode of transportation for adventure seekers and action lovers.

Robustness Personified

The OneWheel+ is built like a tank and doesn’t give in when the going gets tough so whether it’s a steep incline or choppy looking terrain that lies in your way, the OneWheel+ will make short work of it and get you where you need to go. The hard wood footpad looks aesthetically superior to say the least and is designed in such a way to deliver the flexibility to customise your stance alongside the comfort and control of nose and tail kicks.

We’ve been left stunned with the capabilities of the OneWheel+ after seeing it in action here at Coolector HQ and with April only a few short months away, we’re hoping to have one of these spectacular machines to tootle around on and get us from one craft beer to another by the time spring rolls around.

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