ÖÖD House

Given how expensive property prices are nowadays, a lot of people are looking for alternative solutions to their space requirements and from a coolness and functionality perspective, the ÖÖD House looks tough to beat. Highly versatile in design, and suitable for all manner of different structures, this magnificent piece of design might just be the thing you’ve been waiting for when it comes to creating your own space and it’s left us mighty impressed here at Coolector HQ.

The ÖÖD House was born when a pair of brothers – Andreas and Jaak Tiik – spent time planning a weekend of hiking and adventure. On the lookout for a small house in a picturesque spot where they could spend the night. Disappointed to discover that all they could find during their search were log houses for larger groups of people or small houses of questionable quality. This disappointment had a positive effect, however, as it led to the creation of these breathtaking structures.

Enviable Design Qualities

With a clever modular design as the basis for the ÖÖD House, the brothers came up with the idea of creating structures that would be perfect for the sort of activity that they were searching for at the time and the striking but unobtrusive nature of the designs ensure that they look great wherever you place them – particularly out in the wild. Billed as a space where you can fit your ideas, the ÖÖD House really is a versatile space that can be tailored to your own unique requirements.

The ÖÖD House could be anything from a hotel room to a design studio to a sauna and the only thing limiting you is your own imagination. That’s the beauty of this versatile design because we’re all going to want to have different uses for the structure and the modular nature of its construction allows for exactly that. If you like what you see with these brilliant looking structures, you can reach out to the design team behind them to see whether building one on your land is viable and, if it is, they are relatively quick to erect.

Understated and simple design pervades the aesthetics of the ÖÖD House and that’s something that definitely makes them appeal to our sensibilities even more here at Coolector. We’re particularly fond of the reflective exterior available on the designs which adds a whole new perspective to proceedings, especially when they are placed in areas of natural beauty such as woodland retreats or mountainside spots.

Open House

With the capacity to really create a space that’s your own and fits in with your requirements, it’s definitely easy to see the many varied uses of these great looking ÖÖD Houses. These fantastic, pre-fab houses which can be set up in a matter of hours in most cases might just revolutionise the property and hotel industries because of their considerable versatility and unparalleled aesthetic appeal.

We love excellent design projects like ÖÖD House here at The Coolector and if you’ve been looking for a solution to your own design requirements, this might well be it. Simple to install and not costing the earth, this is certainly something that any homeowner or potential hotelier should sit up and take notice of.

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