Ooni Karu Portable Wood Fire Pizza Oven

Pizza is, in our humble opinion here at Coolector HQ, the food of the gods and there is no scenario in which it wouldn’t be our go-to food of choice. With that in mind, if you’re a camping fan and don’t want to have to go without the most awesome food known to man for the duration of your wilderness sojourn, then you’re going to want to get your hands on the, quite frankly amazing, Ooni Karu Portable Wood Fire Pizza Oven which is available for a bargain price via Indiegogo OnDemand.

Capable of cooking authentic pizza in just 60 seconds, the Ooni Karu Portable Wood Fire Pizza Oven on Indiegogo is, not surprisingly given the popularity of pizza and camping, one of the most heavily backed outdoor accessories on the platform and we’ll definitely be looking to bag one of our own here at The Coolector. Pizza fans will rejoice at the sheer portability of this pizza oven which means that there are barely any situations in which you’ll be apart from the delicious snack ever again and the clever design scores from an aesthetic point of view as well.

Make Great Pizza in Seconds 

As the Ooni Karu Portable Wood Fire Pizza Oven can reach temperatures of 500 celsius, it is able to cook your pizza to perfection in around a minute which is mighty impressive to say the least. This is Ooni’s newest model and has plenty of great new features that help to set it apart from its predecessors. Delivering a powerful blast of searing flames, the Ooni Karu is a step change in pizza oven innovation. Crafted to deliver optimum airflow and maximum heat retention, it boasts a ceramic fiber-insulated stainless steel body, an extra-thick stone baking board and patented Flame Keeper technology that cooks any pizza perfectly.

The Ooni Karu Portable Wood Fire Pizza Oven on Indiegogo is available for the great price of just £217 which is 20% off the retail price and this is a small price to pay to ensure you’ve got delicious pizzas on the menu for any camping adventure or backyard get-together. This first class pizza oven lets you cook with real wood and charcoal, or both, and it is designed for use with high-quality solid fuels, so it becomes a roaring inferno for cooking pizza. Ready to start cooking in 15 minutes, Ooni Karu heats to 932°F, or 500°C, and cooks mouth-watering pizzas in just 60 seconds.

The oven’s extra thick stone baking board is capable of retaining heat for longer, whilst the superior insulation means Ooni Karu holds onto more heat for an efficient burn and less fuel needed to reach those soaring temperatures. Ooni Karu is also compatible with the Ooni Gas Burner if you prefer to cook with propane. You can take it with you to any outdoor space – it weighs just over 12 kilos (that’s just about the same as a case of beer) so it’s easy to take on camping trips and hikes. To take it on the go or to store it away, simply fold up the legs and twist off the detachable chimney to stow it inside the oven body.

Powerful Performer 

Crafted from high-grade stainless steel, Ooni Karu’s body is packed with ceramic fibre insulation, an extra-thick stone baking board and a patented Flame Keeper technology for maximum heat retention. That makes an efficient and authentic cooking experience for you. The perforated fuel tray maximises airflow from the fuel source, which delivers a powerful blast of searing heat. Plus, ash simply falls away as it burns off, so there’s no clean-up required. You’re left to focus on what really matters – cooking out of this world pizza.

Available with 20% off at just £217 on Indiegogo, the Ooni Karu Portable Wood Fire Pizza Oven is the ideal investment for any pizza lovers out there and is capable of producing exceptional pizzas in seconds. If you regularly head out into the wild on camping trips but don’t want to be without pizza for the duration, this is what you need to be packing for the trip. Head on over to Indiegogo and get yours for a steal now.

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