OPEONGO Aerial A1 Tree Tent / Hammock

Now that the lockdown looks like it’s, mercifully, coming to a conclusion now, our thoughts our instinctively turning to adventures into the wild and the sort of equipment we want in tow for these excursions. One that has turned our head is the OPEONGO Aerial A1 Tree Tent / Hammock which is funding over on Kickstarter right now. This lightweight tent has a flat, stable sleeping surface that can be suspended between two trees like a hammock and delivers a perfect base for your camping adventures.

The OPEONGO Aerial A1 Tree Tent / Hammock on Kickstarter has early bird pricing of just $299 which represents exceptional value for money for such an accomplished piece of camping apparatus. It boasts all the features you find in a traditional tent along with the off ground benefits you get from a hammock – the best of both worlds. It is a lightweight portable shelter with a stable, horizontal sleeping surface that can be suspended between two trees for the ultimate in comfort and versatility.

Wilderness Adventure Essential

The OPEONGO Aerial A1 Tree Tent / Hammock is a solo camping system which offers unparalleled comfort, versatility and, perhaps best of all, is extremely simple to set up. The Aerial A1 is the first of its kind, an intuitive design made for real campers and it’s not hard to see why it’s rapidly approaching a quarter of a million dollars in funding from eager camping aficionados.

Great versatility and performance really sets the OPEONGO Aerial A1 Tree Tent / Hammock (from $299) apart from the crowd and you should be prepared to have your best sleeping experience of your life as the A1 delivers a level of comfort you can only dream about. It delivers this comfort and stability through OPEONGO’s unique, slackline inspired, suspension system. By wrapping high tensile webbing straps around the tree and pulling them back from both sides of the trunk it is able to achieve a four point connection system for unbeatable comfort.

Using this four point system, along with tension and two spreader bars OPEONGO are able to deliver a sturdy, flat platform that feels most similar to a high quality cot. The webbing also provides spring like a mattress that helps absorb movement without being overly tippy. This flat sleeping surface means you have the ability to sleep in any position, back, side or even on your front. This provides a sleeping experience like nothing else, the fresh air paired with its comfort is a new camping experience that is beyond compare.

Impeccable Versatility

Versatility is the name of the game with the OPEONGO Aerial A1 Tree Tent / Hammock on Kickstarter as it is capable of adapting to any environment and can be used over any terrain. You can now camp over rocks, roots and even rivers and the advantages of being off the ground are endless. It is cleaner as you don’t track in as much dirt and the bottom stays dry even when the ground turns to mud.

With the Aerial A1 you leave behind a minimal footprint, and the critters you would not want in your bed can roam freely on the undisturbed ground. When trees aren’t available, the A1 can also be set up on the ground like a traditional tent and some of the stand out features include three internal pockets, a removable fly and single pole set-up. High quality, robust materials have been used throughout the construction and this will be your camping ally for many years to come. Head on over to Kickstarter now to get yours for the bargain price of just $299.

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