Orange Vessel Co Growlers

Our love of craft beer knows no bounds here at Coolector HQ to be honest and we’re forever preoccupied with the though of either drinking it or porting it about in style. So far as the latter of these two preoccupations is concerned, there can be few better receptacles for any craft beer lover out there than these supremely well crafted and infinitely functional Orange Vessel Co Growlers which are both great to look out and will have storage space for an abundance of your favourite ale.

Orange Vessel Co were founded back in 2014 and in the last three years they have been making craft beer lovers most happy indeed with the exemplary range of growlers that are both visually superior and deliver an unparalleled performance in terms of keeping your beer exactly as you want it. Striving to deliver a product far better than the conventional glass growlers on the market, the Orange Vessel Co Growlers are made from stoneware instead, which blocks out light, allows for larger necks, and can keep a really tight seal – overcoming all the major issues that beset glass beer growlers.

Beer O’Clock

Beer is fuel for us at Coolector HQ and we love anything pertaining to the craft beer industry but these brilliantly crafted Orange Vessel Co Growlers have a special place in our heart such is their awesome design and genuine dedication to keeping the taste of your favourite brews up to scratch. The design team carried out extensive research, applied ergonomics, and good old fashioned trial and error to come up with the ultimate in ergonomic and comfortable to hold growlers that any regular imbiber of the amber nectar is sure to appreciate.

With the ethos that a craft beer deserves a craft growler i.e. one that has been carefully designed and made with the end user in mind, the team at Orange Vessel Co set about creating the very best growler that they could and, as you can see, it is mission well and truly accomplished. Each one of these awesome looking Orange Vessel Co Growlers is in designed in Upstate NY and hand poured in Central Ohio and the striking beer receptacle is made in small batches with the same pride, dedication and attention to detail that craft beer brewers have for their wares.

Functionality joins forces with aesthetic appeal with these Orange Vessel Co Growlers and each one is ergonomically spaced to fit your hand for the best grip possible when pouring and drinking from it. The high quality stoneware and eye-catching glazes used to finish these growlers are definitely to garner envious looks from your beer loving friends who will wish they had one of these epic growlers in their possession. Boasting the sort of hand-crafted emphasis on quality that we love here at The Coolector, these superb growlers are the ideal gift for any beer loving individual in your life.

Keep Your Beer Fresh

There is nothing worse than beer going to waste through improperly secured growlers but that’s not an issue with these brilliant ones from Orange Vessel Co which have a tight-sealing flip top lid to keep your beer fresher for longer than a screw top after its first opening and the fact that stoneware is completely impervious to light, means that your delicious craft beer will never suffer from the negative effects of UV light – a common problem with more traditional glass growlers.

Orange Vessel Co are a brand that we share a craft beer loving affinity with here at The Coolector so it was somewhat inevitable that we’d love their growlers. You simply cannot argue with the quality of their wares and the fact they’ve put so much research and effort into making them as good as they can possibly be. If you love craft beer and want the best of the best in the growler game, you need look no further than this.

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