Osma Portable Coffee Device

There’s very little to compensate for a morning without coffee here at Coolector HQ. It’s the trigger that starts the day, and caffeine served any other form just doesn’t quite have the same effect. So, whenever we hear about a new, innovative or convenient way to embrace the world of coffee we jump at the chance to get onboard. 

Osma was formed by a team of designers and engineers that share a desire to make a coffee experience even better. Focused on creating the ultimate brewing experience, they’ve created a unique product that expedites coffee preparation without reducing quality and taste. And it can be yours for just $185 right now.

Caffeine Fix

To add convenience to the list of benefits, Osma is portable, providing barista-style coffee in literally seconds. In fact, in 60 seconds this little clever machine can serve up a cup of cold brew or hot java and weighing only 1.5 pounds you could be literally get a caffeine fix anywhere, at any time. For those wanting a second cup, or maybe another nineteen, then fear not, the Osma has a battery life capable of producing twenty cups of delicious coffee without fail. 

The Osma also looks great, its simple and sleek in design and has a contemporary feel. The three-quarter triangular aluminium sheathed flask conceals the engine room where all that clever engineering happens. The magic is in an ingenious process that combines pressure, immersion and circulation that helps preserve the coffee flavour. 

Another aspect to love of the Osma is that it was created with sustainability in mind. It uses biodegradable pods that can be planted directly in the ground, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your caffeine footprint won’t be something to lose sleep about. For those with an appetite to use their own blends the pods can also be provided empty so that you can add your preferred coffee grounds. 

Innovative Design

There’s something that feels very right about the Osma. Although it’s advanced in terms of its innovation, and is clearly built for people on the move, this isn’t a mass produced churned out piece of kitchen tech. The Osma is hand assembled, and has strong links to San Francisco where it’s designed, tested and even home to the brand’s roast coffee partners, which is why it seems so well put together. 

When it comes to good tasting coffee there’s really no way to cut corners and substitute in substandard processes. Somehow the Osma has managed to achieve one of the great challenges – how to get a really great cup of coffee no matter how far you are from home or your favourite barista.

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