Goruck Ballistic Trainers

You just know some brands are synonymous with a tough, active lifestyle and a no-nonsense attitude and Goruck is definitely at the forefront of this in our opinion here at Coolector HQ. This is an ethos that shines through in all of their excellent products but seldom more so than with the awesome looking Goruck Ballistic Trainers. If you work your training kit hard and need footwear that can keep pace, look no further.

The Goruck Ballistic Trainers are very reasonably priced at just $125 which considering just how comprehensive a performance they can deliver represents excellent value for money. They are available in four different colour combinations so you can find the ideal one for you and the calling card of these trainers is 3X Support™ = 3X Stability – you can lift heavier. Sprint faster. Ruck harder. And look cool doing it.

Performance Perfection

With the Goruck Ballistic Trainers, it’s all about performance and it achieves this through clever design and materials. The forefoot is made using an engineered warp knit technology that delivers a seamless one piece vamp and toe cap while offering areas of reinforced strength and other areas of breathability and flexibility.

The lace area, midfoot and heel of the Goruck Ballistic Trainers ($125) is made from two panels of 1680D CORDURA® Ballistic Nylon which offers the toughest Special Forces grade abrasion resistance against the stresses of rope climbs and other outdoor activity pursuits. This 1680D CORDURA® also ensures unparalleled midfoot and heel support during the dynamic movements of exercise.

In addition there is an anatomically Moulded TPU Heel Counter which anchors your foot with a supportive, injection moulded design that stabilises your heel when you’re doing dynamic, load bearing exercises. The generous forefoot area lets your toes breathe. Over time and distance doing the work, your feet will begin to swell. This extra space, along with the breathable and flexible knit, reduces the friction that can happen if your feet rub against the insides of your shoe. This delivers a more comfortable, long term performance for your workouts.

Scientific Precision

For the Ballistic Trainers, Goruck took everything that works (and nothing that doesn’t) about existing functional fitness shoes and combined it with proven science of proper under foot support to deliver the sort of performance that you can rely on for your workout regimens. They do away with all the superfluous features often seen in workout trainers and offer just the essentials and the performance is unbeatable as a result.

These Ballistic Trainers from Goruck are great value for money at $125 and they are chock full of top class features which includes the rubber in the heel which is dense, tough and won’t wear down after miles of running or rucking and the midfoot rubber is formulated from a rock climbing compound for the best abrasion resistance and long term robustness — ideal for rope climbs. Say hello to your next workout essential.

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