Oswald Mill Imperia Speakers

Needless to say, there are pieces of technology that are designed in such a way that makes them not ideally situated to all homes but its impossible not to want them nonetheless and that’s exactly the situation we currently find ourselves in with these magnificent looking Oswald Mill Imperia Speakers.

Oswald Mill are a high end audio company and this is something which positively shines through in their, frankly jaw-dropping, Imperia Speakers which will definitely make a statement in whichever room you’d choose to deploy them. The Imperia Speakers from Oswald Mill is a  four way horn system, with a vertical array of conical horns covering 100hz to 20khz, and two rear loaded subwoofer horns using a massive 21″ neodymium woofer handling 20hz-100hz. Yep, we don’t really know what that means either but, as you can see below, they look awesome:






It’s clear to see that the Imperia Speakers from Oswald Mill aren’t for your run of the mill property and you’ll need the requisite space and interior design style in order to properly accommodate them but if you’re after some truly out of the ordinary audio devices then you’ll be hard pressed to find any better than those from Oswalds Mill – and the Imperia in particular.

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