Oupio Speaker & Smart Lamp

For the tech inclined amongst you, us included, Indiegogo is a veritable hotbed of awesome looking designs and gadgets and the latest to have caught our eye here at The Coolector is this superb looking Oupio Speaker & Smart Lamp. Boasting a highly striking design aesthetic and a mighty versatile performance to boot, it’s not hard to see why it’s already proving extremely popular over on the crowdfunding platform.

The Oupio Speaker & Smart Lamp lets you tailor the ambience of the light and sound of any room and add a relaxing vibe to your home or workspace. This cracking piece of design from Oupio is available for as little as £239 during the Indiegogo campaign which is 50% off the expected retail price of £478 so move now if you want to secure this super cool looking piece of tech for a bargain price. Oupio is a Bluetooth Speaker and a Smart Lamp in a single product and it effortlessly combines light and sound in a unique and timeless aesthetic that seamlessly integrates into any interior design aesthetic.

Let There Be Light (And Sound)

Letting you effortlessly adjust the light intensity and offering the latest acoustic technology which provides plenty of bass and clarity, the performance potential of the Oupio Speaker & Smart Lamp really is second to none and you can even group up to five units to achieve stunning surround sound in your home. With a desire to deliver human centric lighting with high fidelity sound in a timeless and unique design, the Oupio is right up our tech loving street here at Coolector HQ.

It is both a Bluetooth Speaker and a Smart Lamp at the same time and it is this sort of versatile performance that helps set the Oupio Speaker & Smart Lamp on Indiegogo (£239) apart from the competition. It use only the very best quality materials and the latest acoustic technology in a design which is both fresh and understated in nature. With both a touch interface and app control, the Oupio is a highly intuitive bit of tech which will add both a visual statement to your interior design and a great source of light and sound as well.

The Oupio Speaker & Smart Lamp is designed to fill a small to medium sized room with a well balanced sound, with bass and clarity and connects to your devices via Bluetooth so you can use your favourite streaming apps such as Spotify and Apple Music. Since no music sounds good on bad speakers, Oupio set out to build the best speaker that current technology allows and they have encased it in one of the coolest looking designs on the market right now.

Advanced Technology

You’ll be blown away by the performance of the Oupio Speaker & Smart Lamp and it achieves this quality through having the best tech available on the market. It uses Balance Mode Radiators (BMRs) which are drivers that use a new technology that brings a number of exceptional advantages to audio reproduction. This includes even sound distribution over a 180 degree angle. This means it is much easier to fill a room with sound regardless of the position of the speaker and the uniformity of sound ensures that there won’t be any “sweet-spots” where the sound is at it’s best, but rather a uniform experience throughout.

The lighting element of this design is equally as impressive and the Oupio knows that our bodies use lighting cues to guide the inner clockwork that makes us tick during the day and sleep at night. With this excellent piece of tech on Indiegogo you can change both the colour and intensity of the light to mould to your natural circadian rhythm. Use warm light to relax and cold light when you need to focus. If you’ve liked what you’ve seen, head on over to Indiegogo now and bag yours for a bargain price with 50% off the expected retail.

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