Outdoor Vitals Loftek Adventure Jacket

When a jacket is storming towards half a million dollars in funding over on Kickstarter, you know that it’s got something special about it and that’s exactly the situation the awesome looking Outdoor Vitals Loftek Adventure Jacket finds itself in. Billed as ultralight, packable, ready for the harshest weather conditions without sacrificing warmth, performance, or affordability, the Loftek Adventure Jacket uses the world’s most advanced insulation to keep any weather at bay.

The Loftek Adventure Jacket from Outdoor Vitals on Kickstarter is available for just $109 during the campaign (before going up to its retail price of $150 afterwards) so you’ll need to move quickly if you want to bag yourself a bargain. This fantastic piece of outerwear is perfect for the colder months of the year when you want to keep all the elements at bay and it boasts the warmth and performance of a synthetic jacket but manages to combine this with the packability and lightweight nature of a down jacket.

Adventure Ready Apparel

To be quite honest, you’ll be hard pressed to find many jackets that offer the same versatile performance as the Outdoor Vitals Loftek Adventure Jacket for the same impressive price. It is positively chock full of eye-catching features which have each been integrated to help keep your protected from the inclement months of the year. This includes great components such as an insulated hood, water-resistant fabric, underarm vents and a hem to seal in the warmth on those particularly chilly days of the year.

The Outdoor Vitals Loftek Adventure Jacket has taken Kickstarter by storm and it’s not difficult to see why this is the case. This first class piece of outerwear is extremely affordable and offers an awful lot of bang for your buck. Its clever design means no more  jumping between your down jacket and your synthetic jacket because it offers the best of both worlds and means you don’t have to choose between a bulky warm jacket and a light versatile jacket because you’ve got both.

It is the insulation of this jacket, Loftek, which really helps to set it apart and is pivotal to its superb warming performance. Loftek is the world’s most advanced synthetic down imitation and the loose fill nature of the fibres replicates down’s extreme weight to warmth ratios and packability, while the it’s synthetic nature means that it is capable of staying warm in wet conditions weather conditions. It uses siliconised fibres that rapidly dry and always stay lofted for superior warmth – even when wet.

Perfect For Minimalists

One of the best features of the Outdoors Vital Loftek Adventure Jacket is the fact that it can be folded up into its own pocket and this makes it ideal for camping and hiking adventures when your storage space will be at a minimum which means you can wear it when you need it and pack it away when you don’t – it even turns into a pillow for any impromptu napping you might want to work into your hiking adventures.

The price tag of $109 is astounding for such an accomplished piece of outerwear overflowing with features which you don’t find in more expensive offerings from the likes of North Face et al. It is robust enough for every situation you’re likely to encounter out in the wild and for those of you wanting the ultimate in adventure jackets in tow for your 2019 adventures, head on over to Kickstarter now.

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