Outdoor Vitals Ventus Active Hoodie

Adventure is in the blood for many and making sure you’ve got the right apparel for your wilderness excursions is a must. If you’re planning to head out into the wild over the next few months, you might just want to check out this amazing looking Ventus Active Hoodie from Outdoor Vitals which is funding over on Kickstarter right now.

The Outdoor Vitals Ventus Active Hoodie on Kickstarter is billed world’s lightest weight insulated hoodie that vents, packs to the size of a softball and is deceptively warm and weighs in at a mere 7oz. Available for Kickstarter for the bargain price of just $137 right now, it’s not hard to see why it’s already accrued over $200k in funding as adventure lovers seek their next piece of outdoors apparel.

Luxuriously Lightweight

We’ve all experienced the comfort of a traditional cotton or fleece hoodies around town. But, truth be told, they are too heavy and bulky to take on your wilderness adventures. On the other hand, down jackets are lightweight and compressible, but don’t vent or handle moisture well. With the Ventus Active Hoodie, Outdoor Vitals have solved all these problems and more.

The Outdoor Vitals Ventus Active Hoodie on Kickstarter ($137) is built from the ground up and uses innovate insulations technology and robust, no-nonsense fabrics to bring you a hoodie that will weigh less, keep you warmer, and pack smaller than anything else in your wardrobe rotation. Put simply, it’s the perfect hoodie for any active lifestyle.

Whether you are running full tilt or just kicking back around camp with some craft beers, the Ventus Active Hoodie from Outdoor Vitals will help you stay comfortable either way. Both the unique fabric design and placement along with the insulation of this hoodie are built to give you a warm yet breathable experience in any environment.

Material Matters

The placement of insulation and different fabric types with the Ventus Active Hoodie is done by design. Outdoor Vitals have removed insulation and any fabric coatings in the panels below your arms and have added perforated armpit vents to keep you cool and dry when the heat is on. This design feature allows the hottest part of your torso to stay cool when you’re on any active adventure.

At $137, the Outdoor Vitals Ventus Active Hoodie has $43 off its final retail price after the Kickstarter campaign so move now to bag yourself a bargain. Built for adventure but just as good for chilling in your own backyard for a BBQ and some craft beers. Like what you see? Head on over to Kickstarter now.

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