Outlier Ultrahigh Backpack

You might think that finding a backpack is a straightforward process but, in actuality, there are so many nuances to backpack design that finding one that fits in with all your requirements is seldom simple at all but there are some on the market that can safely be considered accomplished in most departments and the brilliant looking Outlier Ultrahigh Backpack is definitely one such example.

This impressive looking carry is the work of Outlier, a Brooklyn based purveyor of men’s apparel and accessories, and the Ultrahigh Backpack is one of their latest offerings to have caught our eye here at Coolector HQ. The stealthy looking number is durable as they come courtesy of the nonwoven composite of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene used in its construction and which is one of the strongest fibres in the world.

This highly lightweight offering provides plenty of storage space and a simplicity in design that will appeal to today’s minimalist chaps. Check out some more shots of the Outlier Ultrahigh Backpack below:

008-OUTLIER-Ultrahighbackpack-launchpad 201-OUTLIER-UltrahighBackpack-RollUnroll 009-OUTLIER-Ultrahighbackpack-systemsarego 203-OUTLIER-UltrahighBackpack-Tech 206-OUTLIER-Ultrahighbackpack-loop





Stylish in the extreme and as hard wearing as they come, the Outlier Ultrahigh Backpack will definitely meet your carry requirements and we’re massive fans of its understated aesthetic here at The Coolector. Boasting storage solutions aplenty and with all manner of eye-catching specifications, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more versatile solution to your carry requirements than this spiffing offering from one of Brooklyn’s finest.

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