P & Co Liars x Cry Babies Vol. 2

With Christmas now less than a week away, we’re ramping up on the present ideas and the awesome apparel features heavily on our list and that’s why we gravitated back towards one of our favourite brands, P & Co, and were delighted to discover their rather excellent Liars x Cry Babies Vol. 2 Collection of brilliant tees and top notch outerwear.

We featured the original Liars x Cry Babies collection from P & Co on the pages of The Coolector and we’re pleased to see the follow up series of apparel from this superb UK lifestyle brand maintains the quality wonderfully well. For any man after some cracking typography inspired apparel with a vintage aesthetic, you need look no further than this magnificent new collection from P & Co.

Motorcycle Vibes

If you like your apparel to have a touch of 60s motorcycle vibe about it, the Liars x Cry Babies Vol. 2 Collection from P & Co will unquestionably tick all of the right boxes and deliver the sort of T-shirts, sweaters and jackets that will keep you looking cool well in 2017. As with all the clothing from P & Co, typography and striking illustrative design feature heavily with this latest collection and, if you’re anything like us at Coolector HQ, this will be exactly the sort of apparel that you favour.

Stylish, comfortable and well crafted, all the pieces within this new collection appeal to our sensibilities and the retro aesthetics merely serve to add to the appeal still further. This winter version of their original summer collection offers a few more weather appropriate pieces than the summer one and goes back to P & Co’s design roots in terms of the look and feel of the different pieces that make up the collection.

P & Co are pretty prolific when it comes to producing new collections of clothing but the quality never dips and this is testament to their creative talents and ability to so consistently produce the sort of striking apparel that never ceases to appeal. The Liars x Cry Babies Vol. 2 Collection is another fine example of this and for those seeking out some great new clothing to bring in 2017 in style, this is where we’d start here at Coolector HQ.

Endless Style

The superb photography always does an impeccable job of enhancing the appeal of the clothing collections from P & Co and the Liars x Cry Babies Vol. 2 series was shot on the outskirts of Salt Lake City, Utah, and provides the sort of visual impact that really makes their clothing stand out from the competition.

We’re always loitering around the P & Co site here at Coolector HQ in the hope they’ve released a new collection and they seldom disappoint, with the Liars x Cry Babies Vol. 2 series being another home run. We can’t wait to see what they’ve got in store for 2017.

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