PAD Bunk Box Tiny House

Following on from yesterday’s great design collaboration between William Hardie and Nissan, we’ve got another first rate piece of design to be enjoyed today in the form of this mighty impressive and supremely functional PAD Bunk Box Tiny House which you can make yourself with plans that are available for purchase.


We’re forever on the hunt for brilliant pieces of design and eye-catching workspaces here at The Coolector and the PAD Bunk Box Tiny House unquestionably falls into this bracket. Cleverly conceived and straightforward to make, if you’re looking for a way of crafting the ultimate in outdoor spaces for your home, look no further.

Small But Perfectly Formed

The brainchild of Portland Alternative Dwellings (PAD), a design studio of Dee Williams, a Tiny House enthusiast, this Bunk Box really does strike a chord with us at Coolector HQ and delivers some mighty impressive features and clever touches that make it a great means of adding extra living space to your surroundings.



Built upon a 16ft trailer, the Bunk Box Tiny House delivers 125 square feet of space on the main floor with an additional 72 square feet in the loft space for sleeping. Whilst this isn’t huge, of course, it provides ample living space for all of life’s essentials and when it looks as good as this, what you lack in space, it is more than made up for with character.


Whilst it isn’t the dwelling itself which is being sold by PAD but rather the plans by which to build your own, they are comprehensive and detailed enough to ensure that whatever you build looks just as good as the one in these glorious images. This means that there is a great deal of customisation options that you can opt for as, in these images, the wood is burnt cedar but you could choose a different material based on your own personal style tastes.

Multiple Use, Minimalist Design

The understated visuals of the PAD Bunk Box really is an appealing proposition for today’s modern man and it offers a great degree of versatility in terms of usage. It could be deployed as an external office, a primary dwelling, a guest room for visitors and so many other great ways and if your finished product looks like the designs, no matter what you use it for, you’ve got a superb space regardless.



If you’re wanting to create a fortress of solitude to be creative in 2017 or want some extra space to entertain guests over the next 12 months, getting your hands on these plans for the PAD Bunk Box Tiny Home would be the perfect place to start and will ensure that you can create a great looking, functional and versatile dwelling yourself.

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