Pakt Anywhere Travel Bag Collection

Travelling needs accessories of all shapes and sizes but you can really get everything under one roof with the Pakt Anywhere Travel Bag Collection which is funding over on Indiegogo right now. Billed as some of the most adaptable luggage ever created, the Anywhere Travel Bag Collection from Pakt allows you to travel like a pro and live like a local. When heading out on travelling adventures, you often don’t know where the road will take you and that’s why having versatile accessories is a must and, quite frankly, they don’t come much more versatile and functional than the Pakt Anywhere Travel Bag Collection.

Consisting of four different accessories – namely, a 5L sling, a gear hauler, 25L duffel and 50L duffel – the Anywhere Travel Bag Collection from Pakt has got something for every travelling scenario. You can get the full set for a bargain price of $449, which is 35% off the final retail price, so if you want to get yourself a bargain make sure you move quickly and don’t miss out. You can also buy each piece individually at a discounted rate during the Indiegogo campaign with the 5L sling coming in at $59, the gear hauler at $109, 25L duffel at $139 and, last but not least, the 50L duffel at $174.

Adventure Essential

Modern travellers are always on the move and adventures these days often need various forms of transportation with stays ranging from days to weeks, or even months and, as such, you need accessories that can adapt with you. The Anywhere Collection from Pakt is designed with this new mobile lifestyle in mind. As constant travellers at Pakt, they noticed this change of pace and immediately got to work on coming up with the ultimate set of luggage for themselves and the new travel landscape. And, with that, the Anywhere Travel Bag Collection was born.

The Pakt Anywhere Travel Bag Collection ($449 for the full set) on Indiegogo is entirely unparalleled in organisation, versatility and function departments. You can use the whole collection as a packing system or pick and choose the different components of the collection to build the ultimate travel set. Each piece in the Anywhere Collection is built to keep you organized on any trip and adapts to the way you pack and travel day in, day out. Whether it’s the 5L sling or the 50L duffel, these accessories from Pakt are built to last and will be your ideal travel companion wherever your adventures take you.

Travelling as a family has never looked more streamlined and straightforward than with the Pakt Anywhere Collection as it has everything you need for your gang to keep everything in the right place and organised. You can share pieces like the Gear Hauler and the 25L organizer, and individually pack 50L’s and Slings. The Anywhere Collection can be purchased individually or as customisable sets so you can build the perfect combination for any group and any trip. Need some travel accessories that won’t let you down? Look no further – head on over to Indiegogo now.

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