Adega do Fogo Holiday Home

Heading on holiday in search of some rest and relaxation is something that will be at the forefront of most people’s thinking right now and if that’s what you’ve got in mind, Adega do Fogo Holiday Home from Diogo Mega Architects would be one of our top choices for achieving exactly that. This breathtaking holiday home can be renting in its entirety so it’s ideally suited to families or groups of friends who want to enjoy the property as a whole. It has some of the most magical views imaginable from its swimming pool and it’s giving us serious holiday envy here at Coolector HQ.

The Adega do Fogo Holiday Home from Diogo Mega Architects is housed in a former distillery on Pico Island in Portugal and boasts a stunning coastal location that will deliver sea air and restful relaxation aplenty. The holiday home has six rooms, a dining room, a pool with an incredible view of Portugal’s highest peak and is located in the area of Cabrito, in the Landscape of the Pico Island Vineyard Culture in the Azores, a UNESCO classified site since 2004. The distillery’s origins are still somewhat of a mystery but according to the former owners, what is known is that it was built by a priest around 1820 and it has been painstakingly restored into the majestic holiday home you see before you.

Portugese Perfection

The interior design elements of Adega do Fogo Holiday Home invite you to contemplate its origins and to travel in time with bespoke furniture which has been crafted from chestnut wood. The restored ceiling beams, stone window surrounds and wooden floor deliver the space with an abundance of unique characteristics that revive its mysterious legacy. The white walls with their black stone indents from the original building are reminders of its original DNA and the history of the old distillery – and the place to which it belongs.

Beautifully restored by Diogo Mega Architects, Adega do Fogo Holiday Home in Pico Island, Portugal, has been purpose-designed to be enjoyed at different times of the day: from the pool with a view of Pico to the table under the trees beside the wood-fired oven and the lounge area under the roofing at the side of the kitchen that offers excellent views of the gardens and fig trees growing between volcanic rocks beyond. There is a real sense of peace and serenity to this holiday home which will make it a great escape for a family or group of friends who want to unwind after the crazy couple of years we’ve had.

The immaculate holiday home is located on the island of Pico in Lugar do Cabrito (in the parish of Santa Luzia, municipality of São Roque do Pico), and it is perfectly nestled between the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the imposing Pico mountain on the other. The coastal settlement of Cabrito is located on the coast of the parish of Santa Luzia in the municipality of São Roque do Pico and you’ll be treated to breathtaking scenery wherever you travel around this island but, truth be told, such is the excellence of the property, you won’t want to leave.

Leo Davie